Breast Milk Jewelry Offers Keepsake For Nursing Moms

Breast milk jewelry offers a keepsake for nursing moms. The jewelry is usually handmade, using breast milk provided by the mothers. The colors can vary from bright white to pale yellow, depending on the color of the milk.

Traditionally, women have saved locks of hair and teeth and made foot prints. However, breast milk jewelry is something new. The idea is catching on, as many mothers wish to preserve the special moments spent breastfeeding their children.

As reported by ABC News, the jewelry makers usually request around one ounce of breast milk. The breast milk is solidified with various materials. The milk can then be formed into a simple bead, or various other shapes. Several shapes are available, including hearts, stars, trees, and flowers.

One of the companies offering the breast milk jewelry sells the products through Etsy. Mommy Milk Creations estimates that the jewelry is usually finished and shipped within 10 days.

The products, from this particular seller, range in price from $68 for a charm bead, to $160 for a sterling silver locket. The jewelry can be customized with names and dates.

In addition to jewelry, breast milk can be made into other products. As reported by Time, the TinRoofSoapCo, on Etsy, offers soaps that include breast milk.

Another Etsy company offers kits that allow nursing moms to create their own breast milk keepsakes. MilkMomBaby sells kits for $15, which contain all the ingredients needed to solidify and form the milk.

In addition to the kits, they offer lockets and pendants to hold the breast milk keepsakes.

The idea of wearing breast milk as jewelry may not appeal to everyone. Mari Tuten of states:

“Ewww, who wants to wear curdled milk around one’s neck … Seriously, motherhood is full of wonderful memories for us to cherish but I prefer to stick to keepsakes like a bronze shoe.”

For those who are interested in preserving breast milk, there are numerous reasonably priced options.

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