‘Deadpool’: A Breakdown Of What To Expect

Deadpool is breaking the fourth wall on consoles everywhere soon, and here’s a rundown of what to expect.

High Moon Studios is staying true to the character of Deadpool in the upcoming comic book brawler, breaking the fourth wall in several ways. Deadpool will be said to force the gaming company to make a game about him by sending a bomb to their office, and at this point, you know it’s only going to be ridiculous. It’s refreshing to see a game developer stay so true to the character that they will literally spoof the game development process in order to do so.

Deadpool will keep you entertained as he pulls zany, over the top stunts, including almost randomly blowing up a bouncy ball castle in quick time events. He’ll accuse the art team of not doing their job as he examines a book case.

Other known X-Men characters are expected to make cameos, such as long-time partner Cable. Possible other cameos could include the members of the Weapon X program, such as Wolverine, or a character he’s had history with in the “Civil War” series, Blade. As he loses interest in what characters are saying in the video game, we will hear the voice fade to the Charlie Brown “Wah wah” sound effect, showing us once again that he’s in charge.

The voice actor they are planning to use for this iteration of Deadpool is not Ryan Reynolds of movie fame, but the man behind Nathan Drake, Desmond Miles, and the Prince of Persia, Nolan North. His constant ramblings which earned him the nickname “the merc with the mouth” will be present and very accounted for. We find it interesting that the real main character from Assassin’s Creed is done by the same guy who gave Deadpool the voice we all know him for. Perhaps he’ll have something to say about that, too?

While the gameplay will mostly hail from Devil May Cry, the gun sequences are a bit jarring as they switch to a third person perspective. And chances are, when you find out why he randomly builds bouncy ball castles, you’ll probably laugh.

What do you think of the general overview of what we can expect from the upcoming brawler Deadpool?