Impounded Puppy Rescued After Month Trapped In Trashy Towed Car [Video]

An impounded puppy has been rescued alive from an impounded Buick where the three month old terrier was trapped for a month in a Kansas City, Missouri tow lot. The dehydrated animal apparently survived on a diet of fast food trash that was left behind in the filthy car.

According to city records, the Buick was towed to the lot on April 8. An employee noticed the puppy on May 6. That’s four long weeks without any water except what the trapped dog could get from eating leftover food and licking the bottom of soda cups.

But Kia is apparently a pretty tough puppy. Described as a possible terrier and schnauzer mix, she was misnamed because Kansas City Pet Project rescue staff don’t like any of Buick’s names for females. (Shh. Don’t tell Carmen Electra.)

Many dogs die after being trapped overnight in cars for just one night. In a tragic recent case in Mississippi, a police dog left in a car overnight died for unknown reasons.

However, this impounded puppy had two pieces of luck. Apparently, the trashy owners left plenty of half-eaten fast food containers in the vehicle.

Remember that McDonald’s hamburger that didn’t go stale for 14 years? Maybe Kia got some of that.

The other piece of luck was the unseasonably cool spring, which prevented Kia from getting overheated.

Animal control and police investigators are trying to track down the owner of the car. It’s possible that someone could be charged with animal cruelty.

It’s my humble opinion that they should consider talking to whoever towed the car as well.

Kansas City Pet Project workers will treat Kia for a couple more weeks to make sure she’s fully recovered. They already report a lot of interest from people who want to adopt the courageous impounded puppy.

[black terrier puppy photo by Stephen Barnes via Flickr and Wikimedia Commons]

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