February 10, 2013
Cops: Bourbon Street Shooting Left 4 Wounded, Suspects Caught On Tape [Video]

A shooting on New Orleans Bourbon Street Saturday night left four people wounded, police said.

In a video taken by a witness, four shots are heard as a crowd of people counting down to Mardi Gras panic and bump into each other. Police released the video Sunday and said that an argument involving one of the victims led to the shooting. Police also said the video showed two men leaving the argument and returning with a third man before approaching the victim and opening fire.

There were no arrests immediately reported, and police said they are searching for the three men who fled the scene.

Two men and two women were wounded in the shooting, which happened on the 400 block of Bourbon Street around 9:30 pm, according to New Orleans police spokesman Frank B. Robertson. Robertson said one of the male victims, aged 18, was in guarded condition after being shot in the stomach, pelvis, and thigh.

The second male victim, who is 29 years old, was shot in the buttocks. One of the female victims, a 22-year-old, was shot in the chin and right foot, and the second female, who is 21, was shot in the left leg. Police said the man who was most severely wounded was undergoing surgery; the other three victims were stable.

New Orleans has been plagued by gun violence in recent years, especially around the time of Mardi Gras. In 2009, six people -- including an infant -- were shot on the parade route. In 2011, sixteen people were shot and at least two killed in a Halloween shooting.