Treadmill Dance: Florida Man Gets Funky At The Gym [Video]

A treadmill dance has hit the web and quickly became a viral sensation over night as a Florida man is caught on video getting his groove on while working out at the gym. Not only does the man have a funky style with some old school dance moves, but he’s doing it all on a treadmill while working out.

The man’s name is unknown, but his fitness routine has blown up all over the web as his unique style of working out is one for the history books. Not only is he giving people a reason to stay active and fit, but also a fun way of doing it.

It’s not often you find a gem like this, so it’s best to appreciate the video while it lasts as the chance of seeing a grown man turn a workout into a dance party again is highly unlikely.

Maybe the Florida treadmill dancer has already caught on to his viral celebrity and is preparing for his second hit. Maybe he’s clueless to his newly found fame and is currently back at the gym, cutting up a rug, or in this case a treadmill.

Thousands have watched the video on YouTube and many more have re-posted the treadmill dance. The best part of the entire video is when most realize that the man isn’t listening to any music, as he isn’t wearing headphones and the gym isn’t playing any tunes.

Nevertheless, he continued dancing while finishing up his workout on the treadmill. His balance and footwork is quite impressive, as you can see in the video below:

The man has skills, but he wasn’t the first to get funky on a treadmill. Usually the average treadmill video is of a guy falling on his face, but the band OK GO put together a choreographed treadmill dance for their music video of the song, “Here It Goes Again,” back in 2009. Here’s the video:

Do you believe OK GO’s choreographed treadmill dance tops the Florida man’s workout funk?

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