Lotto Mistake Leads To $14M Payout For Single Mom

A lotto mistake resulted in a cool $14M payout for a woman in California.

Thuan Le, a single mom with four boys, accidentally put $6 into a lottery ticket machine at a CVS Pharmacy in Mission Viejo. Although she usually spends $5 on the tickets, she put an extra $1 into the dispenser by mistake.

Le usually walks away with four Powerball tickets and one SuperLotto Plus ticket. Since she had an extra dollar to spare, she decided to purchase one more SuperLotto Plus ticket. As fate would have it, this would be the purchase that netted the single mom a whopping $14 million.

According to the press release issued by the California Lottery, Thuan Le’s friend asked her about the tickets the next morning. When her friend showed Le the winning numbers, the woman rushed down to CVS to run the ticket through a scanner. When Thuan learned it was a winner, she ran out of the store screaming.

The woman’s sons were shocked when they learned about the $14 million payout from the lotto mistake. Although they were originally skeptical about the news, they soon discovered that she was telling the truth.

“We thought she was joking. But we thought would she really joke like this? My older brother said, ‘Yes, she would,'” one of her sons explained to California Lottery officials.

While most people might struggle with what to do with their winnings right out of the gate, apparently Le already has some of the money earmarked for a new house. She also intends to use some of the money to travel and visit her parents in Vietnam.

In case you were wondering, the winning numbers were 5, 33, 25, 46, and 32, with the Mega number being 26. The CVS Pharmacy where Le purchased the ticket will receive a $70,000 bonus as a result.

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