Nicole Richie Grayish-White Hair Makes Rihanna Want To Throw Up

So Nicole Richie decided to appear at the Met Gala 2013 themed party, Punk: From Chaos to Culture in what I’d call white hair but what others have described as platinum or gray. Twentysomething fashion site Refinery 29 split the difference and called it grayish-white.

In any event, it’s usually a shade not worn much by women under 70, so it might seem really bizarre at a youth-themed fashion event that allegedly celebrated punk. It did match her wonderful Topshop gown, which showed off a splendid figure, but we don’t usually think of the lovely Richie as somebody who looks better with a bag over her head.

Don’t worry. Her on-again, off-again friendship with Paris Hilton didn’t turn Nicole Richie’s hair white. The look was deliberately created by stylist Luke Chamberlain with hair paint — a “next level kind of punk,” he said.

I don’t think so. Punk and white hair are two things that never, ever belong in the same sentence together.

But at least Nicole Richie did something daring at the fashion party at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday night. It beats Kim Kardashian showing up in what appeared to be the slipcover from my grandmother’s sofa.

And you have to admit that white hair on a 31-year-old woman will get your attention.

Rihanna was quick to tweet her profane impression of the odd look. Whoa. When somebody tells me that my hair makes ’em hurl, I don’t usually take it as much of a compliment:

Needless to say, there was some predictable confusion:

However, I’m reasonably sure that Rihanna’s comment was meant in a nice way. Somehow. You know how people say, “That’s so sick,” and they mean it’s a good thing? So it’s like that.


Clearly, some people like her sense of style but I’m giving her a mixed review. Terrible hair, great dress. What do you think of Nicole Richie’s look?

[Instagram photos of Nicole Richie at Met Gala 2013 via Rihanna and Instagram]

[Nicole Richie as a blonde photo by DFree /]

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