Paris Hilton Drops Lingerie Lawsuit, Signs New Contract

Paris Hilton and lingerie company Le Bonitas are getting into bed together again.

Le Bonitas hired Hilton to create a line of lingerie, pajamas and swimwear but the product line never took off.

The lingerie company ended up suing Hilton saying that she didn’t meet the obligations of her contract. Hilton filed a counter-lawsuit saying that the lingerie line failed because the company never promoted it. Hilton sued for $1.5 million in unpaid royalties.

Hilton and Le Bonitas have been arguing about money for the last two years but it looks like they’ve finally buried the hatchet. TMZ reports that Hilton has dropped her lawsuit against the company and has signed a new deal to create a lingerie line.

It’s unclear how much Hilton will be getting paid for her new lingerie line but both sides appear to be happy that the lawsuit has been dropped.

Hilton’s lawsuit said that it was a “win-win for both sides” and added that the legal drama is now “water under the bridge.”

The New York Post reports that Hilton’s new underwear line should hit stores sometime next year. You know, if Hilton and Le Bonitas can refrain from suing each other for the next few months.

Are you surprised that Paris Hilton is going to work with Le Bonitas again on a lingerie line? Will this deal turn out better than the last?

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