Michael Jackson Autopsy Results Revealed At Trial

Michael Jackson’s autopsy results have been revealed during his wrongful death trial. Dr. Christopher Rogers, who performed the autopsy, completed his testimony today. Dr. Conrad Murry and AEG Live are accused of joint responsibility for the entertainer’s death.

The autopsy revealed an interesting glimpse into Jackson’s life.

Dr. Rogers noted that Michael Jackson has several tattoos. His lips, eyebrows, and hairline were tattooed to enhance his appearance. The hairline tattoo was apparently added to create a more natural appearance while wearing a wig.

As reported by CNN, Dr. Rogers found no evidence that Jackson suffered from any medical condition that would have caused or led to his death. Additionally, the doctor found no evidence that Jackson used, or was addicted to, any illegal street drugs. There were no needle marks or disease that would be consistent with illegal drug use.

Most interestingly, Dr. Rogers concluded that Michael Jackson suffered from a skin condition, Vitiligo, which causes abnormalities in the skin’s pigmentation.

The color of Michael Jackson’s skin has been a topic of controversy, as he was suspected of bleaching or otherwise intentionally lightening his skin. Jackson maintained that he suffered from Vitiligo, but this is the first time it has been publicly confirmed, by a medical doctor, under oath.

As discussed by the Mayo Clinic, Vitiligo causes the skin to lose melanin, which determines the skin’s color. As melanin is lost, patches of white skin slowly form and spread. Although the process may be slowed, it is difficult to stop.

As the discolored skin spreads, some patients try to cover or darken the white patches. Alternatively, patients can use makeup of a neutral color, to blend the mismatched patches.

While the Vitiligo may have been a cosmetic concern for Jackson, it does not cause any medical problems that may have led to his death.

Toxicologist Dan Anderson concluded that Jackson’s blood contained levels of propofol “consistent with major surgery anesthesia.” Dr. Rogers concluded that the high level of propofol caused Jackson’s death.

Dr. Conrad Murry is being sued for wrongful death, as he was responsible for administering the medication that is blamed for Jackson’s death. Murry reportedly gave Jackson the medication to help him sleep.

AEG Live is being sued for employing Murry as Jackson’s doctor.

Michael Jackson’s autopsy results reveal a small glimpse into the entertainer’s life, but the man known as the King of Pop will likely remain a mystery.

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