Michigan Woman Faked Rape And Cancer

Detroit, MI – A Michigan woman has spent back-to-back time in court recently, facing several charges of fraud – cited for six crimes in total.

Police have accused 38-year-old Sara Ylen of filing a false report for a rape she claimed occurred in September, along with tampering with evidence, and fraud after investigators found she manipulated an insurance company and sympathetic supports, leading them to believe she had cancer.

Some of the charges stem from a related case where, years prior, Ylen fingered a man named James Grissom as her rapist. According to Ylen, she had been attacked in 2001 before attending a wedding rehearsal dinner. The assault was not immediately reported.

Instead, Ylen went to authorities, nearly a year later, stating she’d encountered her attacker and picked Grissom from a series of mugshots. Grissom was convicted of raping Ylen in a parking lot, despite a complete lack of physical evidence.

For the sympathy fraud, Ylen led others to believe she’d acquired cancer after Grissom infected her with a sexually transmitted disease during the attack – as some reproductive cancers can result from intercourse.

Thereafter, Ylen juiced both the sympathetic public of over $1,000 and filed false insurance claims, garnering more than $94,000 from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for hospice care from 2009 to 2011, reports Fox12.

Officials have been unable to corroborate her claims of cancer. Although the fraudster had identified several physicians, stating they’d all made a positive cancer diagnosis, the investigation revealed none of them had.

The conviction against Grissom was thrown out by a judge after authorities learned of Ylen’s proclivity for fabricating sexual-assault allegations. In Ylen’s September rape accusation, investigators realized she’d bruised herself with makeup to appear injured.

Grissom, now 55, was released after nearly 10 years in prison. After being told of the charges pending against his would-be accuser Grissom was quoted by Komo News as saying, “She’s getting what she deserves. She’s ruined my life.” Grissom, who has been unable to find work or a permanent place to live since his release in November is considering a move to Tennessee.

Do you feel Ylen is getting what she deserves? Do you think Grissom should consider a lawsuit in regards to the conditions of his arrest and incarceration?

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