June 17, 2013
Man Arrested With 100 Bags Of Cocaine Hidden In Anus

Talk about someone who knows how to pack. 32-year-old Rasoul Speight hid a whopping 100 bags of cocaine in his anus. According to The Smoking Gun that incredibly high number, "appears to be a new record."

New Jersey Officers were shocked when they searched Speight's cavities and found a record breaking 100 bags of cocaine inside of the man. Speight, who is also a member of the Bloods street gang, was approached after officers sensed that he was holding marijuana during a routine traffic stop alongside the Palisades Interstate Parkway near Alpine.

When marijuana wasn't found, a quick background check was provided which alerted the officers to Speight's outstanding traffic warrants. It was at the headquarters when the body cavity search was performed leading to the discovery of the 100 bags of cocaine inside of Rasoul.

In addition to the cocaine, the police officers discovered heroin residue inside a syringe and on a spoon tucked inside Sylak's jacket. The Blood's member was then slapped on the wrists with several drug-related charges, one which included possession of heroin with intent to sell, and the second was tampering with evidence.

According to the police officers, Speight, and friend Gary Sylak, 26, were apparently heading to Upstate, New York to sell the cococaine. In Upstate the street value of 100 bags of heroin is $2,000. That's a mighty price to pay for some money.

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