Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention Officer Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault

Arlington, VA — The US Air Force officer in charge of its sexual assault prevention program was busted over the weekend for an alleged sexual assault.

The suspect in the sexual battery is identified as Jeffrey Krusinski, 41, a lieutenant colonel, and he has been removed as the head of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office while the investigation into the charges is ongoing. Krusinki, an Iraq and Afghanistan vet, is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy.

According to the police blotter, this is how the incident went down: “On May 5 at 12:35 am, a drunken male subject approached a female victim in a parking lot and grabbed her breasts and buttocks. The victim fought the suspect off as he attempted to touch her again and alerted police. [Krusinski] was arrested and charged with sexual battery. He was held on a $5,000 unsecured bond.”

The Air Force has yet to make an official comment on the Krusinski arrest in Arlington Va.

Reportedly the victim of the groping was not acquainted with the suspect. Police as yet have not been able to determine how the facial cuts that appear on Krusinki’s mugshot photo occurred although another report suggests that the victim fought off her attacker.

The Air Force in particular has had its share of serious problems with this kind of misbehavior. “Krusinski’s arrest is the latest setback for an Air Force that has struggled to recover from a series of high-profile scandals involving sexual misconduct, including a slew of assaults at Lackland AFB, Texas and a case at Aviano AFB, Italy … ”

Air Force commanders have placed a high priority on addressing the issue of sexual harassment and attempted rape in the service but it seems like more work needs to be done: “Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III has emphasized preventing sexual assault and sexual harassment and respect among airmen since he took over the job last year.”

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