Statehouse Streaker With ‘Extra Human Strength’ Puzzles Authorities [Video]

Indianapolis, IN – Called the “Statehouse Streaker” in local media reports, a 36-year-old man ran naked through Downtown Indianapolis city streets, leading police on an epic and bizarre chase that culminated in his arrest last Wednesday.

Gilbert S. Sweazey was the center of last week’s strange events, which began sometime before 8 am on Wednesday. State Capitol police pursued a naked Sweazey across the west side of the Statehouse property (“Statehouse Streaker,” get it?), down Maryland Street, into the Indiana Convention Center, and down several hallways before exiting the building.

Police confronted him and told him to stop, but he ran onto Maryland Street again, running against the grain of traffic and allegedly asking shocked motorists for a ride.

“He had a crazed look in his eyes,” recalled one of the witnesses. “You could tell something was wrong. He looked like maybe he’d had some bad drugs or something. That’s why I called 911.”

He couldn’t get a ride, so he tried to steal one. He jumped into the passenger seat of a Chevy S10 pickup and wrestled with the truck’s driver for control of the vehicle. Police arrived and attempted to grab Sweazey, but he slammed on the gas pedal (while the motorist slammed on the brake).

Stuck in a rut, Sweazey punched the police officer outside the truck in the face, only to be pepper-sprayed in return. Sweazey was pulled from the truck by two officers but was, quote, “too slippery” and managed to escape.

Cops followed his trail to a control room at a Citizens Energy Group facility, where he had punched an employee in the face and was attempting to choke him with a metal pipe.

Police managed to pry him off the employee and arrest him. He allegedly recited the Lord’s prayer as the cuffs were slapped on.

Sweazey was taken to a hospital to be checked out for bath salts any possible problems, according to police. On Friday, he was formally charged with battery, criminal confinement, resisting law enforcement, and trespass.

Throughout his epic chase, Sweazey was said to have shown “extra human strength.”

You can check out a clip of the Statehouse Streaker’s marathon crime spree below:

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