Alleged Auschwitz Guard Arrested In Germany

An alleged Auschwitz guard was arrested in Germany shortly after he was deported from the US for lying about his Nazi past.

Authorities said there is “compelling evidence” that 93-year-old Hans Lipschis was involved in crimes at the concentration camp during World War II. Although the man previously stated that he was assigned to an SS guard unit, he claimed to have only served as a cook.

Lipschis said he was stationed at Auschwitz from 1941 until the camp was liberated in 1945. He stated that he was not involved with any of the war crimes which took place at the location in Poland.

A statement released by the German prosecutor’s office stated that the man was arrested for suspicion of being an accessory to murder. However, formal charges may not be brought against Lipschis for another two months.

Doctors who examined the 93-year-old man explained that is health is good enough for authorities to detain him. He is currently being held in investigative custody until his arraignment.

Police decided to place the alleged Auschwitz guard under arrest after conducting a search of his apartment. However, it remains unclear what authorities found inside his home that fueled their suspicions. The prosecutor’s office has not revealed any more details about the situation as of this writing.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s chief “Nazi Hunter” Efraim Zuroff explained that Lipschis was number four on the list of most-wanted war criminals. He called the arrest a “good start.”

“This is a very positive step, we welcome the arrest I hope this will only be the first of many arrests, trials and convictions of death camp guards,” Zuroff explained to The Associated Press.

Although officials may not be able to locate irrefutable proof that Lipschis participated in any crimes, he can be charged with accessory to murder since the camp’s sole purpose was to kill people.

What do you think about the alleged Auschwitz guard who was arrested for suspicion of being an accessory to murder?

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