Sarah Brightman Discusses Her Upcoming Trip Into Outer Space

Sarah Brightman International Space Station

Sarah Brightman is headed into space at some point within the next two years.

The world-renowned singer said she’s dreamed of taking a rocket to the stars since witnessing the historic Apollo 11 moon landing when she was a child. Thanks to her success as a professional singer, Brightman has secured herself a seat to the International Space Station.

“I was very lucky and privileged to be living in that time to see that actually happen on a black-and-white TV screen and it changed many of us. I don’t think there’s been anything to date that was like that,” she explained.

If the trip happens, then Sarah Brightman will be the first recording artist to hitch a ride into outer space. The singer’s album Dreamchaser was reportedly inspired by her fascination with space exploration. Brightman pointed out that she isn’t the only musician who has been heavily influenced by the stars.

“You look at Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon,’ even if there was nothing specific about space, the fact that it was called what it was and the feeling of the music was definitely inspired. David Bowie. It goes on and on,” the singer explained.

News about Sarah Brightman’s trip to the ISS first broke in August of last year. An unidentified source from within the Russian space industry leaked the information to Reuters. According to the insider, Brightman had already been cleared for the Cosmonaut Training Center near Moscow at the time.

The singer recently revealed that she is “officially a cosmonaut in training.” Brightman added that she underwent a series of physical and psychological tests at Star City in Russia.

“I was monitored when I was put into a centrifuge taken up to weight G, which I loved and felt very comfortable with. I passed through everything really, really well,” she said.

Are you a fan of Sarah Brightman? What do you think about the singer’s scheduled trip to the International Space Station?

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