Al Gore Is Now ‘Romney Rich’ After Raking In $200M

Al Gore is “Romney rich” now, it has been suggested, and the popular vote in the 2000 election is not the only thing the former Vice President has succeeding in winning since he left office.

While he arguably came from money, Gore’s “Romney rich” status was not one he had when he left the office of Vice President. And while he suffered a massive blow when George W. Bush took office following a disastrous and aborted recount, the next 10 years were not terrible for the ousted would-be prez.

Al Gore’s personal wealth was standing at a modest-for-the-wealthy $1.7 million back in 2001, basically a sucky year for every person in America, but Gore in particular.

According to The Atlantic, Gore made hay while the sun shined and he wasn’t presiding over an era of American unrest and sadness. As his opponent ruled, Gore made movies, gave talks, and advocated for the environment — as well as dipping his toe into media.

The mag says that when all was said and done, Gore was “Romney rich,” with some huge wealth jumps just this year:

“Not only that, the 65-year-old Gore basically doubled his net worth in January of this year, when hesold his stake in the Current TV network to Al Jazeera. He made around $70 million on that sale, then two weeks later, he sold about $30 million in Apple stock options that he was sitting on. Gore has been an Apple board member since 2003, when the stock was just $7.50 a share. It’s now well over $450, even after plummeting more than 20 percent [this] year.”

The mag also notes Gore’s “Romney rich” status doesn’t even include his literary successes, on which he probably clocked some megadough, or his massive documentary An Inconvenient Truth, an Oscar-winner and widely watched and distributed work.

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