'Joe vs. Carole' Cast: Where You've Seen Them Before

Peacock | YouTube

Cha Miñoza

Peacock's Joe vs. Carole offers another look at the infamous feud of these two big cat lovers that we just can't seem to get enough of.

It takes talented actors to play the roles of these larger-than-life characters and the showrunners definitely hired the perfect cast, who all became their parts, with some looking unrecognizable in their transformation.

You might have spotted some familiar faces in the trailer. Here's where you might have seen them before.

John Cameron Mitchell As Joe Exotic

Peacock | YouTube

Playing the part of Joe Exotic complete with a mullet and a horseshoe mustache is John Cameron Mitchell, who is best known for his work in theater.

Mitchell wrote, directed, and starred in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, a rock musical about a gender-queer German singer who had to deal with a botched gender reassignment surgery.

He was also a series regular in Hulu's Shrill, playing the role of Annie's (Aidy Bryant) conceited boss.

Kate McKinnon As Carole Baskin

Peacock | YouTube

Kate McKinnon steps in the shoes of Carole Baskin, who is dedicated to bring down zoo keeper Joe Exotic.

McKinnon is one of the regular cast members of Saturday Night Live. Although she has been absent in much of the latest season because of her busy schedule, the comedian's name still appears on the cast list.

Aside from SNL, McKinnon also starred in several movies including Ghostbusters, The Spy Who Dumped Me, and Rough Night.

Kyle MacLachlan As Howard Baskin

Peacock | YouTube

Kyle MacLachlan plays Carole's husband Howard Baskin, who is the animal rescuer's third spouse. He was seen in the trailer comforting Baskin, who was determined to start a war on her enemy.

The actor is most popularly known for his role as Dale Cooper in 90s series Twin Peaks, where he starred along with Madchen Amick.

MacLachlan also starred in Norwegian series Atlantic Crossing and movies Dune (1984 version), Blue Velvet and Showgirls.

Carole Baskin Supports The Series

Netflix | YouTube

In a new statement, Carole Baskin expressed support for the new Peacock original series, a big leap from her disapproval over Netflix's version of the events.

"My husband and I look forward to seeing Kate McKinnon and Kyle McLaughlin’s portrayal of us, even though we expect it will be a parody based on the trailer. Both are talented actors and I expect Joe vs Carole will be a lot more entertaining than the situation was in real life," the BigCat rescuer said in an interview.

According to creator Etan Frankel, the series will have you "see these people that they thought they knew in a brand-new way." Peacock's Joe vs. Carole premieres on March 3.