Bruce Arians Fined $50,000 For Slapping One Of His Buccaneers Players

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Ernesto Cova

There's no place for violence in sports, even if we talk about contact games such as football.

The NFL has taken big steps towards eradicating violence and big hits over the past couple of years, up to a point where some feel like the game has lost its essence.

That might as well be the case with Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians, who was recently in the eye of the storm for slapping one of his players' helmets during the Wild Card game.

Arians Fined For Slapping Andrew Adams' Helmet

Following a fumble recovery in the fourth quarter, the Buccaneers head coach rushed to slap safety Andrew Adams in the head, yelling at him and telling him to get off the field ASAP.

The hit was minor and it was a borderline 'regular' attitude by the old-school coach, with some people even laughing at the situation.

Even so, the league could never condone such behavior and had to make an example out of him by fining him $50,000 for that now-viral hit.

Arians Explains Why He Slapped Adams

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When asked about the situation, Arians simply explained that he was trying to prevent Andrews from getting called for a penalty after the play:

"No, I've seen enough dumb (things). You can't pull guys out of a pile. We just got a big play, great field position, and he's trying to pull a guy out of a pile," Arians said in a press conference, per "And I was trying to knock him off that guy so he didn't get a penalty."

The Coach Will Appeal The Fine

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It's clear that Arians has no remorse or regrets whatsoever for what he did.

He comes from a different time and he feels like he didn't cross any line, so he didn't even feel the need to apologize, at least in public.

Moreover, Arians stated that he intends to appeal the $50,000 fine this week, although the league is unlikely to just look the other way as they don't condone any sort of violent behavior, regardless of the intensity or where does it come from.

The Bucs Have A Big Game Ahead

Even so, those $50,000 must be the last thing going through Bruce Arians' mind right now.

The Buccaneers are set to host the Los Angeles Rams for the Divisional Round and their encounter during the regular season didn't go as they expected.

The reigning champions will face their toughest task of the season as they look to keep Von Miller and Aaron Donald away from Tom Brady, while also limiting Cooper Kupp and Odell Beckham Jr.

Hopefully, there will be no slapping this time.