CrossFit Athlete Brooke Wells In Bikini Celebrates 'Twins'

Brooke Wells | Instagram


What's better than one CrossFit athlete? Two. Brooke Wells and her twin sister Sydney Wells became a sporting sensation when the latter qualified for the 2021 CrossFit Open alongside her sister. The sisters started the new year with a girls' weekend to prepare for the ride ahead. Here's to celebrating twins – double the fun and trouble (just kidding, not.)


Brooke asked her followers earlier in the year if they thought she and Sydney were identical. The CrossFit athlete posted a complete frame Instagram picture of herself and her twin in matching outfit combinations. Sydney wore bum shorts with red flip flops and a tank top, while Brooke wore a tube kerchief tank, bum shorts, and grey slides.

She wrote, "Identical TWINS. I want to know if you guys think we look like it or not?" Then she added the hashtag #doubtroub meaning Double Trouble (see, we weren't wrong in the first place.)

'Doublemint Twins'

Brooke Wellss | Instagram

Brooke and Sydney pose in bikinis on their girls' weekend trip in Miami. The CrossFit sisters flaunt insanely sculpted abs in matching styles. While Sydney wore a white two-piece with a crocheted skirt, Brooke wore a nude set without a coverall. They both wore their blonde hair in a center parting and hung black shades atop their heads.

Unless you look closely, you almost can't tell them apart; then you'll realize Brooke is the shorter twin. Their friend and colleague Shannon Ford also made a cameo in the second slide sandwiching between the twins in her blue bikini and sarong. They cheekily called her the "Redhead."

Fitness In The Sunshine

Sydney Wells | Instagram

Fitness is a lifestyle, and Brooke agrees because she made time to work out during her girls' trip. "Doesn't get much better than fitnessing in the sunshine with my girls," she wrote on her Instagram. The accompanying picture is a sea of perfectly sculpted abs as the CrossFit ladies pose in athleisure tights and sports bras.

Staying Fit

Brooke Wells | Instagram

Brooke shares more videos of her time working out in Miami, including a short reel of her doing EMOM. She details the routine in her caption are reminds her followers that "Miami workouts hit different."

The intense exercise included, "10 minutes EMOM: 2 reps of 1 & 1/4th Front Squat; 30 minutes EMOM: 15 Wallballs, 12 Cal Ski, and 9 Hang Power Clean; 3 Sets: 10 dumbbell bench press." Phew! I definitely lost weight writing that. Becoming a CrossFit athlete isn't for the fainthearted that we can assure you.