Kaia Gerber Highlights Killer Abs In String Bikini


Rebecca Cukier

Kaia Gerber has been showing off her taut abs while in a bikini - and she caught major likes for doing so. The 20-year-old model has already made 2022 headlines for ringing in the New Year in Mexico - family vacation snaps here showed her bikini-clad and with mom Cindy Crawford and dad Rande Gerber, but there's more than the paparazzi.

Back in 2021, Kaia updated her Instagram with a gallery of snaps, and there was some bikini action. Check it out below.

Stuns With Bikini Abs

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Scroll for the gallery, one that opened with the Marc Jacobs fragrance face lightly covered in sand. Kaia posed looking behind her while rocking a segmented-effect and jet black two-piece, one boasting a cute string tie at the bust, a low-cut finish, plus enough space between fabric bands to flash her tattoos.

Kaia showcased her slender waist and toned abs, also rocking damp short hair. The gallery also included quite the fashion show-off. Swipe for all the snaps below, scroll for more.

See More Photos Below

Kaia, followed by 7.4 million, might come slim, but the star has opened up on her appetite for carbs., In 2018, she told Harper's Bazaar:

"I don’t go a day without eating pasta. Penne with vodka sauce is my all-time favorite and is actually one of the things I know how to prepare myself. It’s very important to know how to make pasta because you can do it anywhere in the world. It’s easy, it’s fast, and everyone likes it." More below.

Reveals Her Breakfast

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Kaia, who was outlining her daily life via a diary, also mentioned the first thing she eats in the day.

The ex to SNL star Pete Davidson told the magazine: "I’m passionate about breakfast. I wake up hungry, so I always eat a bagel. My family gets a dozen from this deli called Nate ’n Al every weekend." The catwalk queen is, however, known for posting her sweat sessions and is a giant fan of Pilates - perhaps what's behind the rock-hard abs.

An Early Night

Much like 25-year-old supermodel Kendall Jenner - who values her beauty sleep - Kaia is into getting in her rest. She further revealed:

"I’ll turn in as early as I can. I don’t sleep well when I’m traveling, so there’s nothing I like more than getting in my own bed. When I started modeling, my mom always said, “You’re gonna dream about getting in bed early.” I didn’t believe her, but after my first fashion month now I do."

For more from Kaia, check out her Instagram.