Xavier Woods Injured, Will Miss The Royal Rumble

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Chris Woolridge

New Day's Xavier Woods has suffered an injury. Unfortunately, this means he will likely miss the Royal Rumble scheduled for January 29th in St. Louis. The injury could even keep Woods out of action long enough to miss the Elimination Chamber PPV which reportedly will take place in February from Saudi Arabia.

The injury occurred on Smackdown while Woods and partner Kofi Kingston faced the Usos with the Smackdown Tag Team Championships on the line. Scroll down to reveal the nature of Woods' injury and how long he is expected to be out for.

Xavier Woods Injured In Match On Smackdown

Woods was on the G4 program Attack of the Show when he mentioned his injury. According to Woods, during the match against the Usos, he tore his Plantaris muscle under his calf.

The injury comes at a poor time for Woods, who achieved his dream of winning the King of the Ring tournament recently. He's even had his own crown commissioned and Kofi Kingston acts as the Hand of the King.

Scroll down to reveal how much time Xavier Woods is expected to miss.


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How Much Time Will Xavier Woods Miss?

Fortunately for King Woods, he is not expected to miss much time. His current timetable for return is only 4-6 weeks. He just needs time for the muscle to repair. Woods could very likely return to the ring in time for the Elimination Chamber but he will almost assuredly miss the Royal Rumble.

That the injury is not too serious is good news for Woods. It means he'll be back in time to build up a potential angle for WrestleMania. In fact, there has been talk of New Day being involved in a major storyline sometime soon. Scroll down to reveal what it is.

New Day To Turn Heel?

During a recent interview with Metro UK, Woods pointed out that all 3 members of New Day would like to turn heel.

“It’s just super fun to scream at little kids, ’cause when we were heels before, our stuff would see kids getting legitimately mad and upset at us. It’s just so much fun to be snarky, to be rude and disliked. Honestly, we have [wanted that] the entire time, we’ve always wanted to turn heel. It’s just so much fun,” Woods said.

Could we possibly see the greatest tag team in WWE history turn on the fans? Scroll down to reveal what else New Day has said about turning heel.

Kofi Kingston On New Day Potentially Turning Heel

Former WWE Champion and New Day member Kofi Kingston has also commented on the team possibly turning heel. According to Kingston, however, it's not something Vince McMahon is likely to approve of.

"‘No, he’s not gonna let us do it!" Kofi said of Vince McMahon allowing them to turn heel. "So, it’s a fantasy but I dunno… I don’t think it’ll ever happen again, unfortunately."

Still, Kofi says the whole team would love another heel run.

"To be honest, we fantasise about it all the time. I tell people that I had the most fun in my career when I was yelling at children, and threatening to ground children, and threatening children," Kofi said.