Instagram's Top 20 Highest-Paid Celebrities In 2022

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Instagram is all about posting our interesting moments and connecting with friends globally for many of us. For others, each post is a lucrative venture as they use their platform to influence for brands. Instagram's impact on pop culture and marketing is far-reaching than you can imagine, with celebrities garnering millions of followers. Brand leverage on the cult-like following of these stars to reach their audience, as people are more inclined to patronize known faces.

Why Is Instagram Influencing So Expensive?

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The answer is simple – Instagram users with one million followers make about $100,000 per post, 100,000 followers make $200, and 10,000 followers earn about $88 per sponsored post. However, the figure varies based on the account owner's actual influence and reach. The algorithm also considers engagements because of ghost followers, so sometimes a large following means nothing if the engagement isn't proportional.

Here's a list of the top earners on Instagram, from footballers to singers and actors, per Just Jared.

20. Demi Lovato

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Singer-Songwriter Demi Lovato has a loyal 123 million Instagram followers from their Disney days. They earn $668,000 per sponsored post and champion social justice causes. Brands that align with women's empowerment can reach out to Demi.

19. Virat Kohli

Indian cricket player Virat Kohli who has 178 million Instagram followers, earns $680,000 on each sponsored post he makes. Forbes ranked the cricket batsman 66/100 highest-paid athletes worldwide in 2020. He's very popular with Indians who love Cricket like Americans love Basketball.

18. Kevin Hart

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Popular American comedian Kevin Hart is known for his humor on and off-screen. The 134 million following actor bills $706,000 per sponsored post. Kevin knows how to connect with his audience personally, making him the perfect fit for brands.

17. Kourtney Kardashian

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The eldest sister of the Kardashian clan, Kourtney, has an Instagram following of 154 million, which earns her $785,000 on each sponsored post she uploads to her feed. Kourtney is open about her love for being a mom making her popular amongst homemakers and mothers in general. She has influenced for Coca-Cola in the past.

16. Neymar Jr.

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PSG football player Neymar Da Silva Jr., with 168 million followers, earns $824,000 per Instagram post. He's one of the most successful youthful footballers often mentioned with top names like Cristiano (No. 1) and Messi (No. 7). He often endorses sports and fitness brands in line with his career and personality.

15. Miley Cyrus

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Singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus, who just had a successful NYE party, charges $838,000 per Instagram post. It's only right as she has an audience of 159 million followers to back up her ask. Miley puts everything into her influencing gig so brands looking for dedicated celebrities can always count on her.

14. Nicki Minaj

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Queen of Rap Onika Tanya Maraj, popularly known as Nicki Minaj, has a loyal fanbase, the Barbz, who ride with her through thick and thin. We've seen the power they wield on voting polls and in streaming sales, so charging $875,000 per sponsored post isn't too much. Her influencing power was noted when the sales of pink crocs skyrocketed after she posted a picture of herself in the footwear last year. Her 169 million followers are always ready to drop their coins when the Queen calls.

13. Khloe Kardashian

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Good American owner Khloe Kardashian's Instagram post is worth $949,000. The mother of one is no stranger to influencing as she's been a reality TV star since her childhood. With an army of 211 million followers, we can see how Khloe earns so much. Her target audience is fitness and body positivity enthusiasts encouraged by her TV show Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.

12. Jennifer Lopez

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50-years-old JLo isn't letting the kids keep all the money in influencing as she bills $988,000 per sponsored post. Her 191 million followers are ever willing to spend their money. Jennifer Lopez caters to grown people who love to remain youthful in their fashion and fitness journey.

11. Taylor Swift

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Miss America Taylor Swift's 196 million Swifties don't play about her, as we've seen in her recent sales record. They've been instrumental in helping her regain control of her music masters and would gladly patronize whatever product she endorses. The Red singer charges $1,012,000 per Instagram post.

10. Kendall Jenner

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Supermodel Kendall Jenner knows a thing or two about influencing, as it's a major part of her career. With 212 million Instagram followers, she earns $1,053,000 per post. Her audience is high fashion and luxury as she's modelled for famous fashion houses from Givenchy to Gucci. Kendall has a super-toned body that makes every outfit look great.

9. Justin Bieber

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From his childhood Baby days, Justin Bieber has always had a pull on his Beliebers. As an adult, his following has grown to 215 million, so he charges $1.1million per Instagram post. The Canadian artist has a global reach that many brands would love to leverage.

8. Beyoncé

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As she's fondly called, Queen Bey is one of the most respected entertainers of this generation. Her influence is unmatched, as we've seen with the Ivy Park merchandise in the last two years. Controlling a 232 million Beyhive, the Queen Bee bills $1.1 million per post. She recently did a campaign for Tiffany and Co. with her husband Jay Z and eldest daughter Blue Ivy which received 5.8 million views.

7. Lionel Messi

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As the top 2 football players worldwide, PSG's Leo Messi has a 300 million following Instagram account. Fitness and sports brands willing to leverage his influence must be ready to part with $1.1million per post. You probably recognize him from Pepsi adverts, and popular American chips Lays campaigns.

6. Kim Kardashian

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You can argue that Kim Kardashian invented influencing as a socialite and businesswoman. She built her empire based on her family's recognizance and people's admiration for the clan. With 279 million followers, the mother of four earns $1.4 million per post, and even the U.S.A. sports team is taking advantage of that. They recently partnered with her loungewear Skims to make TEAM USA's Paralympics outfits for 2022.

5. Selena Gomez

Hotel Transylvania actress Selena Gomez commands an army of 288 million Selenators, so she earns $1.4 million per Instagram post. Selena is a mental health advocate, and her Rare Beauty makeup brand skyrocketed to success within a year of establishment due to her influence. She also endorses lifestyle and fashion brands.

4. Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner's recent pregnancy reveal post recorded a record-breaking 154 million views from 301 million followers, and the number keeps rising. The young Billionaire business mogul bills at $1.4 million per post, and her niche is luxury fashion and Beauty. Since she owns a beauty empire Kylie Cosmetics, most of her influencing gigs focus on clothing brands, especially her sisters' collections.

3. Ariana Grande

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Singer, Actress, and now The Voice judge Ariana Grande earned her stripes amongst teenagers and youths who make up most of her Arianators. A single post from the 29-year-old earns an average of 1 million likes from 289 million followers, so brands looking for a youthful audience can reach out to the Grammy-award-winning artist. Ari makes $1.5 million per Instagram post.

2. Dwayne Johnson

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Our last year's King is number two, with an impressive 289 million followers on the Meta platform. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson earns $1.5 million for each sponsored post on his Instagram feed. His role as a voice actor on Disney's hit animation movie Moana made him popular with Children. His reputation as a comedic action star makes him the best at promoting health and fitness products.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

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Although Kylie Jenner wore the crown in 2020, she's been demoted to number four this year by Portuguese and Manchester United footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. The Ballon d'Or player earns upwards of $1.6 million per sponsored post to his almost 400 million Instagram followers. CR 7's pull is unmatched, being the highest followed celebrity on the app.