Jana Kramer Is Instagram Official With New Boyfriend Ian Schinelli

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2022 has been bringing a lot of news about relationships, and Jana Kramer is joining the bandwagon as she introduces her new man to her 2 million Instagram followers. The Voices singer penned a heartwarming message revealing their journey as a couple. The new beau, Ian Schinelli, is a 36-year-old ex-Navy SEAL, fitness trainer, and single father. As we can tell from their affectionate and playful TikTok videos, he seems to love Jana.

Moving On From A Heartbreaking Divorce

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When Kramer finalized her divorce from her husband of six years Mike Caussin, she left the marriage with two children Jolie, 5, and Jace, 3. “Sometimes you just have to stop fighting it and listen to your heart. I don’t know what the future holds, and honestly, who does? Every day I continue to heal, and I know there is still lots of work to do,” she wrote in her heartfelt caption.

She concluded by saying, “To find someone who doesn’t look at your scars as a challenge or problem but rather helps you hold them and stands there to encourage you with love, strength, and empathy along the way.” Then, she tagged her new beau, who is a hunk of a man by the way!

Turning Up The Heat

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The picture slides Jana posted sent a very clear message, “I AM IN LOVE,” as she cozied up to her lover on the beach, on a yacht, in the kitchen, and anywhere you can imagine. The new couple packed on the PDA without holding back to clear any doubts about their romantic status. It’s a New Year, and Jana Kramer is ready to wipe the slate clean.

We also noticed that our new favorite duo loves twinning. They wore matching pink swimsuits while kissing on the yacht, then matching black tees while cooking in the kitchen. From the last picture, we can tell the kids weren’t left out as a little girl’s form peaks from behind the cuddly couple.

Making Healing Music

Following her quick divorce, Kramer released a new single Voices as an independent artist as an outlet for her pain. She said the song her realize she’s “worthy of love and beautiful” and wanted listeners to feel the same way about themselves. She continued saying, “sometimes the loudest lies we believe are the ones we tell ourselves through the voices in our head,” hence the song title. Kramer said the lyrics of the Voices got her out of a bad place, so she hoped it’ll help listeners through tough times as well.

A New Chapter

We went digging a little further until we found Schinelli’s sweet message to Krameron his Instagram feed. He wrote, “Life is about moving on, accepting changes, and looking forward to what makes you stronger and more complete. It is constantly evolving and spending energy in the right areas, with the right people, which puts you directly on a path towards some of the best things that will happen to you.” Someone, please pass the tissue box.