'Vanderpump Rules' Star Scheana Shay Opens Up About Prenup 'Big Lesson'

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Vanderpump Rules veteran Scheana Shay said she's "learned a big lesson" regarding prenups from her past experience as a married woman. The 36-year-old reality star and fiancée to 30-year-old personal trainer Brock Davies explained her stance on having a prenup in place as an assurance for the future just as she and her hubby-to-be were preparing to sign theirs on Tuesday's episode.

Shay, who was previously married to TV personality and record producer Michael Shay, revealed that she and her ex-husband didn't sign a prenup when they got hitched in July 2014, which ultimately caused problems for the mother-of-one.

Here's what she said.

Shay & Davies Do Prenup

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While Shay and Davies have yet to set a wedding date, the pair wanted to "have all our ducks in a row" and opted to sign a prenup ahead of everything, explained the bride-to-be.

Meeting with their attorneys and a notary to go through and sign their 35-page prenuptial agreement, the duo was told by Davies' attorney that it was "somewhat unusual to sign a document before there's a wedding date set."

However, Shay was adamant about the document's importance.

"First time around when I got married, we didn't do a prenup," she said. "But there was an addiction problem and when the trust was broken, I realized this isn't a marriage I want to continue."


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'Big Lesson'

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Shay explained that her ex-husband declined to grant her a divorce at first but was later swayed after she offered to divide her bank account.

"He didn't want to get divorced and I was like, 'How about we split our bank account?' And then he agreed," shared the Bravo star.

Shay further opened up about her divorce in a confessional: "I definitely learned a big lesson. No matter how much you love someone and they love you, there's always a risk that you could lose everything. I just don't want to take that risk again."

Shay and her ex-husband called it quits in November 2016, with the moment airing on Season 5 of Vanderpump Rules, per PEOPLE. Likewise, their wedding two years prior was also televised, with their divorce finalizing in May 2017.

Balcony Proposal

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Once the legal stuff was out of the way, Davies was ready to carry on with the romantic part of the deal, sweeping a blindfolded Shay back to their Los Angeles apartment for the big proposal. There, out on the balcony he filled with balloons and rose petals, he dropped down on one knee and popped the question.

"You make me the best and I don't want to do anything without you ever," Davies said in his proposal speech, all the while holding Shay's hands beneath an arch of white-and-gold balloons that said, "Marry Me."

Davies continued: "You are the best mom. You are the best girlfriend and I want to make you the best wife. Honey, will you be my wife?," to which Shay replied, "Of course."

Happy Family

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As The Inquisitr previously reported , the lovebirds got engaged in July, three months after welcoming their only child together, daughter Summer Moon Honey Davies.

Davies has two kids from a previous relationship, Eli and Winter, who live with their mother in Australia.

The former pro rugby player is planning to follow up his surprise proposal to Shay with a "surprise shotgun wedding," and is hoping Tom Sandoval will officiate the ceremony.

However, during yesterday's episode, it seemed like Sandoval was having cold feet about the wedding, which Davies wants to have in secret during James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss’s engagement party at a beautiful winery.