Figure Skater Mariah Bell Impresses In Daisy Dukes On Ice


Rebecca Cukier

Figure skater Mariah Bell stunned on ice while in Daisy Dukes as she both showcased her famous skill-set and wished fans all the best over the holidays at the end of 2021. The 25-year-old Tulsa-born star, who is both a 2020 U.S. national silver medalist and two-time U.S. national bronze medalist, has been busy on Instagram, where a recent photo showed her getting festive for Christmas.

Posting for her 87,000 followers last month, the Team USA face went joyous, also showing off her athlete body.

Stuns In Holiday Snap

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Bell looked sweet as pie in her snap, one seeing her in white skates and on a red lit-up ice rink. The brunette posed swinging a hip while in ripped denim Daisy Dukes, also flashing her toned abs and rocking a checkered and rusty-red crop top.

Raising one arm like a champ, Bell showcased her sculpted arms in the sleeveless look, writing: "That feeling when Christmas is just about 2 weeks away😱❤️ Happy holidays!!" More after the snap.

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The fans quickly showed their love. "This was such a cute routine! Outfit was out there but it works and u rocked it!" one replied, with plenty more wishing Bell a Merry Christmas. Quick to follow was a little CareWear action as Bell showed off her influencer side, although promos aren't too frequent on her Instagram.

Bell has also been opening up about her age - given that Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin retired at 22, it'll be of little surprise to fans to learn that 25 isn't considered all that young in figure skating.

Age Is But A Number

Speaking to FS Gossips, Bell revealed: "I want to show that age is really just numbers. There are many insanely talented figure skaters in Russia now who are much younger than me. They inspire me." The Oklahoma native continued:

"When you are about 25 years old, you are in the prime of your strength precisely in sports terms. You no longer grow, your body does not change, you know your body perfectly. Many people say that age is a hindrance. I think quite the opposite."

Accepting New Challenges

Bell, who is followed by 32-year-old Liukin on Instagram, added:

"A couple of years ago, a new era began in men’s single skating, where it is worth highlighting Nathan Chen, who began to do several quads. Others followed him, so the level of figure skating increased a lot." Reflecting on an opportunity, she also stated: "Now we see the same thing in the ladies’ single skating: there are several Russian top skaters who perform quadruple jumps and thus challenge everyone else."