Eagles Vs. Cowboys: Key Things To Watch

Ernesto Cova

You don't have to be a football connoisseur to know that the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles simply don't like each other.

That's why, even though both have already clinched a spot in the playoffs, there will be nothing friendly about their Week-18 clash for the season finale.

Eagles and Cowboys would love to play spoiler for each other with the postseason just around the corner, which is why both teams should be wise to rest their starters at some point in this game.

Here, we're going to discuss the biggest takeaways ahead of this long-awaited divisional clash.

Nick Sirianni's Running Game

For some reason, Nick Sirianni refused to commit to the running game early in the season, and the Eagles looked far from a playoff team.

Now, he's finally put the ball on the ground with his running back committee and that has opened up plenty of space for Jalen Hurts to do his thing on the air and with his feet.

The Cowboys don't match well against the run and Sirianni could put together a blue print to expose them right in time for the playoffs.

The Boys' Offensive Line

Although the Cowboys' defense ranks among the league's finest, their offense has vastly regressed since Week 9.

All people point the finger at Dak Prescott but, in reality, there's only so much he can do when his offensive line combines for a whopping 52 penalties.

The OL has failed to open up any sort of space for the running game, let alone provide protection for the pass.

The Eagles' defense continues to get better every week, so they could keep Dak on his toes more often than not.

Let Dak Get Out Of The Slump Or Keep Him Safe?

Prescott has been far from his usual self as of late, and while most of that should be credited to that terrible offensive line, he's also left a lot to be desired when given time and space.

The Cowboys could choose to either let him cook a team he's historically fared well against and regain his confidence in time for the playoffs or simply shut him down.

The latter could be the smartest with the playoffs in sight and nothing at stake in this game, but we know coach McCarthy doesn't usually do what he's expected to.

Jalen Hurts: Making A Statement

Not so long ago, all the chatter around the league was whether the Eagles were going to trade up in the Draft to land a quarterback or if they were going to try and enter the Russell Wilson sweepstakes.

Every game has been an audition for Jalen Hurts and he's taken his game up a notch during the second half of the season. But that doesn't mean he won't be in the spotlight anymore.

Hurts needs to prove that, even though the Cowboys will most likely rest their starters in the second half, he can still take down a divisional rival, especially after that beatdown early in the season.