Why Fans Think Kendall Jenner And Devin Booker Got Married In Secret

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Chisom Ndianefo

The holidays are usually filled with special family and friends moments, sharing and showing love for each other. Kendall Jenner and NBA boyfriend Devin Booker kept the tradition alive as they spent the memorable New Year’s Eve with Hailey and Justin Bieber at their rustic farmhouse. Although the basketball star didn’t feature in Hailey’s celebratory photo dump, he wasn’t missing in his boo’s Instagram post. He appeared in one shot of the eight slides which Kendall posted for her 210 million followers.

Couple’s Retreat

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There was no outright announcement that the couple spent the significant holiday together, but we could infer from their Insta feeds. First, Kendall posted a picture on the second day of the New Year, captioning it, “My Weekend.” Waiting for patient fans who scroll through four other pictures is a perfect shot of the supermodel and her basketballer boyfriend.

Devin’s post was more subtle as he posted a silhouette of Kendall standing in front of the picturesque cabin. He captioned the post, “Spent New Year’s Eve by a fire.” Not one to gush about their relationship, the couple made an exception for the special holiday, as it’s only right to celebrate your significant other.

On Maintaining A Private Relationship

Unlike the rest of the Kardashian clan, Kendall and Devin’s relationship is low-key, and the pair love it that way. A source told E! News neither of the couples had designs of being celebrity love icons, and both appreciated their respect for each other’s romantic life privacy. The pair has been going strong for almost two years now, and fans speculate they’re secretly married!

Their secret luxury vacations and romantic getaways do little to quell the assumptions. The fact that they’ve kept their romance quiet and away from prying media eyes make fans more interested in knowing what’s up. Lack of actual juicy information leads them to pick up on tiny hints and run with rumors such as this one.

Secret Weddings And Gold Bands

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So, what prompted this rumor? Zooming into the mirror we-fie Kendall shared on her Insta, the fans noticed a simple gold band (similar to a wedding ring) on Booker’s finger. Many enthusiastic comments consisted of fans asking if anyone noticed the band and flat out mentioning that they saw a golden ring! Kendall’s other hand, not being in full camera view fueled the assumptions as commenters took it as a sign of hiding her ring finger.

Check out the photo below.

'Poosh' Prank With Kourtney

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A fraction of Kendall’s fans think the post is another of the 26-year-old model’s antics as she’d previously pranked them into believing she was engaged. During her special appearance on older sister Kourtney Kardashian’s show Poosh earlier last year, she joked about her alleged engagement to Booker.

Not wanting to raise their hopes falsely a second time, this group prefers to hear the news directly from the horse’s mouth rather than rely on gossip. While this may be a good idea, this is Hollywood, where most gossip turns out true within a few days of reaching the media.