Simone Biles Gets Ahead Of Holiday 'Hardships' With Her Mental Health App

Alexandra Lozovschi

Olympic Gold Medalist Simone Biles reminded fans to take care of their mental health ahead of the holiday season. Taking to Instagram two days before Christmas, the 24-year-old gymnastics superstar shared a video with her 6.8 million followers promoting her mental health app, Cerebral.

Biles, who won a silver and bronze medal at the 2020 Olympics last year but largely made headlines for bowing out, first launched the app back in October, going on The Today Show and NBC News to say she's taken on the role of Chief Impact Officer aside from investing in Cerebral.

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Opening Up On Instagram

Simone Biles | Instagram

Clad in a dark hoodie with her loose waves tumbling over her shoulders, a fresh-faced Biles appeared before the camera to record a holiday message that prioritized mental health.

"While it's a time for celebration, there are also hardships that can come with the holidays," she spoke candidly into the camera, with fans able to recognize she knows where she's coming from.

"Remember the holidays are about spending time with your loved ones," Biles continued, adding: "If you need some extra support this season, check out Cerebral."

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Fans Show Their Love

In the caption, Biles gave out more details about the services that Cerebral provides, stating the app offers "online therapy, counseling, and medication management."

"Taking care of your mental health is so incredibly important and that’s why I’ve partnered with @getcerebral," she wrote, encouraging followers who struggle with their mental health to "please reach out for help."

Surely enough, many were responsive to her message, with the video racking up close to 370,000 views.

"It’s so fab to have role models like you spread the good word of normalising [sic] conversations about mental health. Thank you so much," one person commented on the post.

"Thanks for being so inspiring and brave," the gymnast was told.

"As you check on others, please take care of yourself! My family is such fans of you and the gymnastics journey. But also fans of this new journey. Merry Christmas and HNY," wrote a third follower.

Speaking Up On The 'Today' Show

Simone Biles | Instagram

Biles, who officially launched Cerebral months after her withdrawal from the Tokyo Olympics last year, first spread the word about the new app on NBC's Today show on October 21. Joined by Cerebral CEO Kyle Robertson for an emotional interview, the four-time Olympic gold medalist opened up about her mental health battles, revealing she has turned to family for support after testifying before Congress about the abuse she and her former teammates endured from disgraced doctor Larry Nassar.

"I'm trying to navigate my own unique mental health journey as everybody is," shared Biles, who said she partnered with Cerebral "not only to help myself but also to help other people."

"I know it's scary to start your mental health journey but it's worth it," she told viewers. "We support you regardless of what you're going through um but you're going to get through it and you're going to be a better version of yourself."

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Managing Past Trauma

Biles, who is one of the most decorated gymnasts of all time, also spoke candidly about how the past trauma and abuse affected her performance at the Tokyo Olympics.

"My body and my mind allowed me to suppress all of that stuff for so many years, for as long as it could take, and as soon as we stepped on the Olympic scene, it just decided it couldn't do it anymore, and it cracked, and that's what happened," she said on NBC News, per Rollingout.

"That's why taking care of your mental well-being and your mental health is so important so that something like that doesn't happen," she added.

Biles, who at the time was headlining the Gold Over America Tour, explained how important getting help has been for her.

“Getting the mental health therapy that I need has been really relieving for me especially being on the road and being on tour. So I’m really happy to have such a great app to help out with that.”

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