Freestyle Skier Lea Bouard Hits Slopes In Leggy Bathrobe


Rebecca Cukier

Freestyle skier LΓ©a Bouard is celebrating her skill-set by back-flipping on ski slopes while in a bathrobe. The German 2018 Winter Olympics face 100% knew how to get her Instagram followers hitting "like" in a recent share, posting mind-blowing footage of herself casually flipping a 360 while showcasing her steely-strong pins.

Bouard, who has represented France and Germany in ski championships, posted for her 73,500 followers ahead of Christmas, gaining over 200,000 likes and saying she was "walking on a dream."

Her Version Of Heaven

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Scroll for the video, one coming with "Walking On A Dream" by Empire Of The Sun as music. The sunset footage, pretty idyllic, showcased a powder snow setting and distant villages, with Boaurd shot from behind as she easily navigated her way across the slope.

The Weinheim native donned a tiny white bathrobe rising to the thigh, plus her trusty ski boots - she whizzed up to a raised snow block, then back-flipped for a mid-air somersault before landing on her feet and continuing to descend the slope.

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Taking to her caption, the athlete wrote: "Walking on a dream.. πŸ’­ β€’ This is how I spend my perfect sunset: getting out of my shower, having my coffee and my favorite magazine, jumping and doing a backflip in my bathrobe in front of a magical view at home."

"Pro level right there," a fan quickly replied with heart emoji. Quick to follow was "selfie time" as the blonde stunned in her zipped-up ski jacket while removing her massive goggles. More after the video.

Tignes Ski Stop

Bouard knows her destinations, and she's been hanging out at the fanciest ski spots in Europe. Posting from ski heaven resort Tignes in France in early December, she wrote: "Whoooop.. I saw winter is comiiiiiing !! A lot of snow will fall down (hopefully) !! β„οΈπŸ€ Last week (picture here) I thought a lot of snow would fall but it wasn't.. Fingers are crossed that I can finally ski powder again!"

It was a notch up in another post, though, with a caption mentioning celebrity-adored resort St.Moritz, Switzerland.

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Sharing a killer sloes shot, Bouard told her followers: "Throwback to @emporioarmani last winter, when I was in a publicity on TV during months and on a big wall down the slopes in Saint Moritz πŸ“ΊπŸŽ₯πŸ™ŒπŸΌ It was funny to receive some pictures and videos of my friends !! 😁 That shooting was an amazing time with the @pvscompany crew!"

LΓ©a, 25, introduces herself as a "Mogul skier" on IG, adding: "I trust the universe to support me. No fear, no limits." Follow her account for more.