Melissa Gorga Shares Workout Responsible For Her Toned Legs

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Alexandra Lozovschi

At age 42, Melissa Gorga is spectacularly fit. While The Real Housewives of New Jersey star generously flaunts her toned legs, tight abs, and jaw-dropping figure on Instagram for her 2.3 million followers to admire, we were dying to know how the gorgeous brunette maintains her stunning physique.

Pouring through older interviews, we learned that she works out four to five days a week, with the reality star and entrepreneur telling US Weekly in July 2020 that she likes to "stay very consistent” with her fitness routine. Here's how she gets her sculpted body.

Weight Lifting

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Gorga's workout routine may not be as grilling as that of her sister-in-law and RHONJ castmate, Teresa Giudice, 49, who famously got ripped after entering her first bodybuilding competition back in 2018, but the 42-year-old mother-of-three definitely puts in time and effort at the gym. Training in hour-long sessions that are all about building lean muscle and strengthening her core, she rigorously hits the weights while going easy on the cardio.

"I do a lot of lifting," she told Women's Health in 2018. "I don’t do that much cardio, because I run around so much."

'Butts & Guts'

Dishing on her fitness secrets to the magazine, Gorga reveals her primary focus is toning her booty and abs through workouts that target "butts and guts."

"I feel like even if you’re a little bit heavier, it’s all about toning your body," said the reality star, who's maintained her curves throughout her years at the gym. "Work with what you’re working with, but keep it tight."

Getting candid about what she does to stay looking flawless, Gorga revealed that, for her, fitness "is a lifestyle," saying she doesn't do fad diets but rather sticks to "my own routine."

"I feel better when I eat healthy. If I don’t work out for a week or two, I feel miserable," she said.

Switching It Up

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Aside from traditional exercise, Gorga has also experimented with creative ways of stimulating muscle and getting that perfect definition. A fan on Emsculpt, the Bravo star talked about the non-surgical body contouring device with Women's Health.

"I just tried something called Emsculpt, which is the equivalent of doing 20,000 squats in 30 minutes," she said. "You do it four times and each time is a half-hour session. You can do it on your butt or on your abs."

Not Into Bodybuilding

According to Gorga, the device really works and tricked her body into thinking it was truly working out, leaving her "sore the next day." A look at a recent Instagram post shared just last week revealed that, whatever she's doing, it's working wonders for her chiseled abs. Check it out below.

Unlike Giudice, Gorga is not a fan of ripped muscle and prefers to keep her workouts less intense.

"I don’t like a lot of muscle," she told Women's Health. "I like to stay a little bit more feminine. I don’t know. I don’t think it would look right."