Zendaya Bonds With 'Squid Game' Star HoYeon Jung In LA Visit

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Cha Miñoza

Zendaya and Squid Game actress HoYeon Jung are developing an adorable new friendship and we are here for this duo.

Fans have compared the gorgeous actresses with each other before because they are both known for their svelte frames and impressive fashion styles. The two finally had a chance to meet when HoYeon visited the US for a press tour.

According to the Korean model-turned-actress, she had an instant connection with the Spider-Man star, who she praised for being so kind and accommodating to her.

Fashion Girls

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The two first met at the CFDAs, where Zendaya received the Fashion Icon award. HoYeon shared that she was starstruck during their first meeting.

“My meeting with Zendaya felt really comfortable. Zendaya is a star to me and someone I can’t approach. I shyly greeted her, but she approached me to chat and led the conversation. In that moment, I wondered whether it was real life or if I was dreaming," HoYeon said in an interview with STARNEWS.

Visiting Zendaya On Set

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HoYeon further shared that she visited Zendaya on the set of Euphoria and they had a bonding moment.

"We talked about what we eat in our daily lives and on set. While we were talking, I thought, ‘There’s a reason why people like this person.’ When I was with her, I felt at ease. She has the strength to make others relax. I think that’s a really important skill. I think Zendaya felt the same way too. I think that we connected intuitively.”

Zendaya On HoYeon's New Fame

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In an interview, Zendaya also talked about HoYeon and said she resonated with the actress' life-changing fame.

“We talked about the Spider-Man a lot, and I believe that she is a gifted actress. Jung was very sweet and kind. Just as my life changed after I met Spider-man, Jung is also going through a lot of life-changing experiences after Squid Game. And that part totally resonated with me," Zendaya shared.

More Bonding Moments Soon?

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Zendaya continued to say that she enjoyed her time bonding with the Korean actress and would love to get to know her even more.

“I once said she should visit the LA studio and she really showed up. That gave us more time to talk. Jung’s truly energetic and amusing. I’d like to see her in person again and get to know her better.”

HoYeon has been busy doing promo tours in the US and landing fashion contracts with major fashion houses. She'll likely be spending more time in the states, so there's a big chance for another Zendaya-HoYeon girl date again.