Kaia Gerber Shares How Mom Helped Her Audition For 'American Horror Story'

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Kaia Gerber admitted that she had help from mom Cindy Crawford when she auditioned for American Horror Story.

Earlier this year, Kaia joined the 10th season of the horror anthology series. The model shared that she was super excited to be part of the Emmy-winning show and did her absolute best in her audition. She even obligated her supermodel mom to lend her hand.

Scroll down to find out how Cindy helped her get the part.

Auditioning With Her Mom

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kaia shared that her mom helped her with her taped audition. Although things were a little awkward since they were reading a scene about romantic partners Ruby and Scarlett, Cindy got through it just fine.

“As you can imagine, [it was] a little bit uncomfortable to do with my mom,” Kaia shared with ET. “But she was trooper and helped me a lot.”

Pursuing An Acting Career

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While Kaia may be more known as a fashion model, she has had a couple of appearances on TV and in small movies. She has been seen in minor acting roles since she was 15 years old.

She made her acting debut at 15 in Lifetime movie Sister Cities and she also appeared in TV series The Rich Kids of Instagram.

According to mom Cindy, Kaia realized she wanted to pursue acting more seriously when the pandemic hit.

"She wasn't traveling and wasn't modeling because there were no shoots anywhere. She started auditioning and taking online acting classes," Crawford said. "She had taken some acting stuff before."

She's A Big Fan Of The Show

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When Kaia auditioned, she initially didn't know it was for AHS. She only knew that she was reading for a Ryan Murphy show but no other details were given. After landing the role and finding out it was for the popular series, she got excited because she was a big fan.

“Half of my life I've spent religiously watching American Horror Story. I've seen every season, and I know how all the different storylines connect,” Kaia shared.

American Horror Stories BTS

Kaia Gerber | Instagram

A couple of months ago, Kaia gave her followers a couple of interesting behind-the-scenes snaps of herself as the sociopathic ghost Ruby in AHS' spin-off series American Horror Stories, which aired in July.

The model/actress shared a snap of herself in a latex suit, along with other BTS pics.

"spoiler alert… season finale of #ahstories is out on #fxonhulu! I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Ruby… thank you to everyone who watched! & thank you @mrrpmurphy for bringing back our big happy twisted murder house family ❤️," Kaia captioned her Instagram post.

The latest season Double Feature: Death Valley features Kaia as college student Kendall Carr. Watch the season 10 trailer below: