Kourtney Kardashian Releases New Christmas Single With Travis Barker And Kris Jenner

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Ho! Ho!! Ho!!! Christmas is upon us, and so is a new Kardashian era, as Kourtney Kardashian dips her toes into uncharted territory. The Kardashian clan roused Instagram and their millions of followers earlier today when they simultaneously teased a “Jingle Bells” cover featuring Kourt, her mom, and her fiancé.

Kourtney shared the post with accompanying links to her 156 million followers via Instastory, while Khloe posted for her 205 million followers on her feed.

See the post below!

A New Legend In Town

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Khloe Kardashian’s post has a teasing tinge to it, as she jokes about “a new Christmas legend in town!” in her caption. It’s especially funny as we all know Mariah Carey is the Christmas Queen, but it appears the Kardashians could give her a run for her money and fame.

The cover art captures Christmas cheer effortlessly as it features a young Kris in a red sequin slip dress with a thigh-high slit. She leans on a brick fireplace for support against a backdrop of two Christmas stockings.

Childhood Dreams

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To be specific, this single isn’t Kourtney’s first foray into music or singing Jingle Bells. After her announcement, a fan page shared a throwback of the Poosh founder playing the medley on a piano. The reel is, in fact, a clip of the Kardashians watching a video from 1986 where Kourt enthusiastically plays the Christmas classic.

Her family rally around her, lending support and encouragement as she takes on the keyboard. Fans get a new and improved version of little Kourt in the new song as she adds a quirky voiceover to the parody cover.

Featuring Travis Barker

In the opening sequence, she says, “Can we start over and go just a little bit faster?” and Travis obliges her. The two-minute plus song is an upbeat version of the beloved classic jingle, and Kourtney delivers her verse like a pro. You can’t tell she’s never been in the studio before now!

In Kourtney’s post, she credits her fiancé Travis Barker as a collaborator, saying, “@travisbarker on the drums, of course.” It was a no-brainer that her Grammy award-winning partner would contribute his talents on the drums to the record.

Kris, The Entrepreneur

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Kris Jenner is not called the “momager” for nothing. If there’s money to make, you can bet the sixty-year-old businesswoman would be involved, and now Kourtney benefits from her mom’s business prowess. The timing is impeccable as the song arrives in the nick of time to ring at Christmas.

There are no doubts fans would welcome an upbeat cover of the classic with open arms. It’s fresh, different (in a way,) and Kardashian! Who doesn’t love the Kardashians?