NFL Rumors: The Most Likely Trade Destinations For Deshaun Watson

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Ernesto Cova

Even non-NFL fans have been talking about Deshaun Watson over the past couple of months, but not precisely for his great performances.

The Clemson product made the news for demanding a trade out of the Houston Texans. Shortly after, he was hit with 22 civil lawsuits for alleged sexual misconduct.

Needless to say, Watson hasn't been able to suit up this season as his legal turmoil is still out there.

But a renewed optimism about a resolution has once again sparked trade rumors around the league. With that in mind, let's count down the most likely trade destinations for him.

4. Denver Broncos

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The Denver Broncos hoped Drew Lock would turn out to be their guy but that just wasn't the case.

And, even though Teddy Bridgewater has been slightly better than his predecessor, it's clear that he's not the answer either.

The Broncos boast one of the best defenses in the league and have put together a promising, up-and-coming arsenal of offensive weapons as well.

Watson would be joining one of the toughest divisions in the league and chances are that Vic Fangio won't be their coach any longer, so he may not want any part of this, though.


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3. Carolina Panthers

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The Carolina Panthers have reportedly been quite active in their pursuit of Watson.

And, even though he didn't agree to waive his no-trade clause for them, they're still expected to try and make a run at him in the offseason.

Neither Sam Darnold nor P.J. Walker or Cam Newton is the answer for this team's woes at QB.

They're perhaps the most QB-desperate team in the league right now and it feels like all players not named Christian McCaffrey are on the table in a potential deal.

2. Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are the latest team to enter the Watson sweepstakes.

They have one of the most stacked defensive fronts in the league to go along with the best running back tandem we've seen in years.

Baker Mayfield has failed to take a step forward and live up to the expectations as a first-overall pick, and some believe he may never be a winning QB.

With his ability to run the ball and hit his wideouts in stride, Watson would turn this team into an instant contender.

1. Miami Dolphins

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And last but not least, we find the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins reportedly engaged with talks with the Texans multiple times before the deadline, and it's not a secret that they're still not convinced of Tua Tagovailoa.

Brian Flores has put together a championship-caliber defense and the Dolphins looked poised for a breakout year this season, yet Tua held them back more often than not.

But more than that, Watson has reportedly agreed to waive his no-trade clause for Miami, which is more than he's done for any other team.