Justin Bieber's $10 Million Lawsuit Against Woman Who Alleged Sexual Assault To Settle Privately

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Justin Bieber is working to privately settle his $10 million lawsuit against a woman who accused him of sexual assault back in 2014, Radar Online reported exclusively earlier this week.

The Canadian singer, 27, and the defendant, who reportedly goes by Danielle, have agreed to work out the lawsuit in private meditation after attending a status hearing on November 3 with judge Terry Green, stated the media outlet, citing court documents.

Bieber sued Danielle last year, claiming her accusations were false and saying he was with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez at the time the alleged incident occurred.

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Selena Is His Alibi

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Bieber's 2020 lawsuit against Danielle came after the woman took to social media to accuse the pop star of sexually assaulting her in a Four Seasons Hotel room in Austin, Texas, after a music event on March 9, 2014.

The singer said the "malicious" claim was "factually impossible" and nothing more than "outrageous, fabricated lies," saying he has "indisputable documentary evidence" to prove he was not at the hotel on the night in question, TMZ reported last year.

He Kept The Receipts

While the "Peaches" pop star admitted he was in Austin at the time, he said he didn't spend the night at the Four Seasons. According to Bieber, he and Gomez were at the SXSW and left the event together to retire to a nearby rental property for the night.

Bieber, who dated Gomez on and off between 2010 and 2018, said he held on to the receipts from the night of March 9, 2014, which he insisted he spent with his now-ex. Furthermore, the singer alleged that Danielle concocted her story after public reports that he ate at the Four Seasons restaurant the following day.

Not His Only Lawsuit

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Danielle is not the only woman to have accused Bieber of sexual assault. Around the same time, another social media user named Khadidja alleged the singer assaulted her at the Langham Hotel in New York after the 2015 Met Gala. According to Khadidja, the alleged incident occurred on May 5, 2015, at around 2:30 a.m.

Likewise, Bieber has sued Khadidja also asking for $10 million in damages. The pop star claimed her accusation, which was also done via social media, is "an elaborate hoax," stating he was at a private party until 4 a.m.

'Outrageous, Fabricated Lies'

According to court documents cited by TMZ, Bieber claims he has photographic evidence and several witnesses who can confirm he was at the private party until 4 a.m., after which he went to a hot dog stand. The singer, who is now married to supermodel Hailey Bieber alleged the 2:30 a.m. attack was an "impossibility – a poor, but damaging, fabrication" by Khadidja.

Bieber claimed the woman, who he said is a superfan who waits for him outside hotels, actually admitted she has never met him in person in tweets posted after the date of the alleged sexual assault.

The star is suing both women for attempting to ruin his reputation with their damning social media posts. He also said he believes the two social media accounts are either run by the same person or have coordinated their efforts to disparage him.

Khadidja is represented by powerhouse attorney Neville Johnson, who argued her comments are protected by the first and fourteenth amendments, Radar Online previously reported.