College Football: Travis Hunter's Shocking Decision Sparks Huge NIL Deal Rumors

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In the most shocking turn of events in recent College Football history, no. 1 recruit Travis Hunter snubbed Georgia and Florida State to join coach Deion Sanders at Jackson State University.

And, while this is a prime example of what a legend like him can accomplish for a small program and a huge step for HBCUs, some people are far from satisfied with his decision.

Per his critics, it's all about the money and the new NIL deals, as if it hasn't been that way for decades.

Hunter And Barstool Sports May Have Reached A Massive NIL Deal

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Over the past 24 hours, rumors of Hunter reaching a massive NIL deal with Barstool Sports surfaced all around the web.

And, while the origins of those rumors are murky, to say the least, the New York Post reported that Barstool owner Dave Portnoy is acting like the rumors are true:

"Barstool does have a preexisting NIL program. One could see why garnering the attention of signing Hunter to an endorsement deal would be a worthwhile endeavor for them. The nation’s top recruit paired with the charisma of Sanders is a marketable formula," read the report.


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Lane Kiffin On Big NIL Deals: 'I Hope Players Are Getting All The Money They're Being Promised'

Whether the rumors are true or not, Ole Miss HC Lane Kiffin recently stated that all he wishes for the players is that the sponsors live up to their agreements and pay them the money they've promised:

"We're in free agency but there are no contracts," Kiffin said, per Clarion Ledger. "I really hope for these kids they're getting all the money they're being promised at these schools when they get there. Because there's a lot of money being promised so I hope for them that they get it."

Kiffin Criticizes NIL Deals

Kiffin says that, given the fact that there's not an actual contract between the parties, sponsors could simply decide not to live up to their word and not pay the player what they promised them in the first place:

"These guys get promised all this money to come places but they don't have a contract, which in free agency in the NFL you obviously would and know that you're guaranteed to get paid what you're being told you're going to get paid," Kiffin added.

Dabo Swinney Says It's Chaos Right Now

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney also criticized the situation, claiming that people don't care about education anymore and it's all about tampering and manipulation:

"It's chaos right now. Tampering galore, adults manipulating young men. Education is like the last thing now," Sweeney said yesterday during his press conference, as quoted by The Score.

In reality, players have never had time for their education. From practice to hitting the gym, attending film sessions, and traveling, they've never put their education first; and big-name programs know that.

For better or worse, the game is changing.