Jennifer Aniston Lifts Dress During Barefoot Yoga Balance

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Rebecca Cukier

Jennifer Aniston is impressing the digital space by balancing on one leg and lifting up her sheer dress. The 52-year-old sitcom star has been front-page news for much of 2021 amid the Friends reunion, but there's new stuff since May brought the famous six back together. The latest sees the blue-eyed beauty posing for The Hollywood Reporter, with photos on her Instagram bringing fans the inside scoop from the shoot.

Aniston, known for her yoga love, delivered a quick move while on-set. Check it out below.

Stuns In New Shoot

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Scroll for the photos. They opened with the girl behind Rachel Green chilling on an oversized couch. Here, Jennifer was showing off her super-toned midriff while in a chic white bralette, plus a matching pair of high-waisted pants.

It all got more active with a swipe, though. Aniston was being photographed with the crew visible - The Morning Show actress, meanwhile, clutched onto a tripod, also bending one leg and balancing as she raised up a sheer dress. A bodysuit formed a bit of a two-piece, here.

See The Photos Below

All blonde hair in the breeze, Jen reappeared while seated on brushed wood floors and by a massive bouquet of flowers, with this photo showing her all legs in a black dress raised up for a thigh-skimming finish. Taking to her caption, the new beauty founder told fans:

"Thank you #SherryLansing, the @HollywoodReporter and all of you incredible women in film and television ❤️🙌🏼for inspiring me over the last god knows how many years. 🥂🤩This is my JOB!?? 🤯🙏🏼 Blessed⁣." Swipe for the entire, gallery, scroll for more.

Reflecting On 'Friends'

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The Hollywood Reporter feature afforded Aniston the chance to reflect on Friends, which ran from 1994 to 2004 and remains one of the most popular series of all time.

"We really did have so much fun together. I remember that was one of the things when we were young and dumb and renegotiating, one of the [studio’s] threats was, “Well, we don’t need all six of you. We can do this with four of you.” We were like, “What? You can? You can get rid of Rachel or Joey or who?” Then it was like, “No they can’t, wake up," she stated.

Sense Of Humor, Too

Lightly touching on being childless at 52, the ex to Fight Club actor Brad Pitt mentioned social media and the tabloid press in one sentence, continuing:

"What the tabloids and the media did to people’s personal lives back then, regular people are doing now. Although I haven’t seen a tabloid in so long. Am I still having twins? Am I going to be the miracle mother at 52? "

Aniston is now single following two failed marriages: Brad Pitt was hubby #1, with Justin Theroux being the second.