YSL Ambassador Kaia Gerber Reveals Holiday Self-Care Tips

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20-year-old Kaia Gerber may follow in her mom’s footsteps, but she’s continuously proved her individuality. In a short while, Kaia’s graced some of the best magazine covers and even recreated her supermodel mom Cindy Crawford’s Elle cover. She bagged a coveted YSL ambassadorship in 2018, at 17.

The young model sat down with YSL and shared intimate details on her beauty tips and holiday plans. From baking special pastries with her mom to naming her favorite products, here’s everything we discovered.

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Holiday Traditions

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Family time traditions make the holidays extra special for us, and Kaia isn’t any different. While expressing gratitude, she reminisced on her favorite family tradition – baking with mom, Cindy Crawford. Kaia says, “On Christmas morning, my mom and I bake monkey bread.”

The two models wake the rest of the family with cinnamon and sugar scents wafting through the halls. It’s a fond memory for Kaia because she spends time with her parents Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber – who’ve been married for 23 years – and siblings.

Self-Care Tips

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Happiness is free, and Kaia thinks so too. The YSL ambassador rates being happy as a better self-care solution than working out or sticking to a schedule. That’s why she chooses to rest during the holidays rather than pile on more work.

Kaia went on to reveal that the secret to flawless makeup is a face massage. Relaxed facial muscles allow makeup products set properly. It also reduces the sculpted mannequin look that comes from professional artistry.

Ultimate Beauty Secret

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Kaia explained her love for the “French cool girl” aesthetic when asked about her beauty vibe. She cited YSL’s Touche Èclat as her favorite brand product because its finished look produces her preferred aesthetic.

She further shares her ultimate secret to staying refreshed during the hectic holidays – rest! While the rest of the world gets frazzled from stress, Kaia Gerber ensures she gets her beauty sleep. The young model advises that others take a leaf from her book and keep their holiday calendars light.

Fashion And Style

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Tights! Simple and chic is the way to go for Kaia. Given a short notice for a holiday party, we’ll most likely see her in biker chic style – tights, a dress, and boots. Throw in a coat just because she’s a California girl, and “it’s very rare” that the need arises.

When Kaia wants to switch it up, she goes with French prep chic – blazers, blouse, and bows or ties. As a matter of fact, the 20-year-old model gets her fashion inspiration from Instagram film stills.