Here's Why Pete Davidson Is Getting Rid Of His Tattoos

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Sarah Haider

American comedian Pete Davidson always seems to be in the news for attracting some of the hottest women in the showbiz industry, but lately, he has been making headlines for a somewhat different reason: his tattoos.

With 104 tattoos, the Saturday Night Live star is considered one of the most heavily-inked celebrities in Hollywood. But last year, Davidson revealed that all of his tattoos will be gone by the time he turns 30.

Continue reading to find out why he took such a drastic decision.

Tired Of Hiding Them

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Last year, while speaking to film critic Mike McGranaghan during a Q&A session for The King Of Staten Island, the actor had said he would remove all of his tattoos because he is tired of hiding them.

According to Life & Style magazine, McGranaghan tweeted about the development and revealed that since it requires Davidson to spend three to four hours in the makeup chair to cover the tattoos for his shootings, the actor thinks that getting them removed altogether is a better option.

"It would be easier to get them burned off," Davidson told the film critic. The actor has decided to go ahead with the tattoo removal treatment despite knowing that the procedure is more painful than getting a tattoo in the first place, per Life & Style magazine.

Speaking during the American chat show Late Night With Seth Meyers earlier this year, Davidson had admitted: “Not only are they [laser beams] burning off your skin, but you’re wearing these big goggles, right?”

The Reason He Got Inked

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Despite having 104 tattoos on his body, the 28-year-old comedian did not decide on a whim that he would like to get inked.

In 2019, Davidson opened up about his struggles with mental health and told Inked magazine that he used to engage in self-harm in the past — something that left scars on his chest.

"I cut my chest. That's why I started getting tats on my chest, to cover them. It's just a release, if you can't get a tattoo... When [I'm] so manic and upset, sometimes that's the only thing that will work for me," he had said.

When Inked questioned him about why he would usually get a tattoo following a breakup, the Big Time Adolescence star said getting inked was a "way for him to exchange emotional pain with physical pain."

Most Famous Tattoos

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Pete Davidson's extensive collection of body art also features some prominent ones, which always kept him in the limelight.

According to Body Art Guru the actor has Hillary Clinton's portrait tattooed on his right leg — one which he got in 2016 during the US Presidential Election to show support.

Since he hails from Staten Island in New York, he has a picture of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge inked on his left shoulder. "Never forget where you came from," the actor had said about his tattoo.

Per the publication, he also expressed his love for fun and candies by getting a ‘Willy Wonka’ tattoo on his left forearm. Willy Wonka is a fictional character in Roald Dahl’s 1964 novel Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

The actor has also paid a tribute to his late father — a firefighter who died during the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack — by getting the tattoo of a firefighter on his left arm.

Fans Are Upset

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Even though Davidson knows best what he wants to do with his body or his tattoos for that matter, his fans seemed to be quite upset with his tattoo-removal decision.

According to Page Six, when the actor first made the announcement, many fans took to social media and shared their dismay.

“Pete Davidson is apparently getting his tattoos all removed so if you see me crying tonight ..mind your own business but that is why,” one of his fans had tweeted, per the publication.

Meanwhile, another one of his devotees had said: “Learning that Pete Davidson is removing ALL his tattoos might give me the same feelings a divorce would give me.”