MLB Rumors: Dodgers Insider Says Corey Seager Was Pressured To Sign With Rangers

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Ernesto Cova

The Texas Rangers are all over the news right now.

Following a 102-loss season, the franchise decided it was time to compete at the highest level, spending more money than any other team in Major League Baseball during the first couple of days of free agency.

They committed half a billion dollars to their revamped middle infield, signing Marcus Semien for $175 million and then giving Corey Seager a whopping $325 million to lure him away from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Dodgers Host Says Seager Felt Union Pressure To Take A Huge Contract

But, according to Dodgers insider David Vasseigh, it wasn't that Seager actually wanted to leave Los Angeles and play for the Rangers.

Instead, he thinks Seager felt Union pressure to take the largest contract he could get in free agency and set the bar for other players amid the CBA negotiations:

“I really believe that he felt a lot of pressure from the Union to take the highest asking price to set the bar," Vassegh said in an interview with AM570’s Petros and Money.

Dodgers Couldn't Outbid The Rangers

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But, in reality, it all went down to the Dodgers' inability to match the Rangers' massive offer, and it had nothing to do with Union pressure, per Jorge Castillo of the Los Angeles Times:

“Ultimately, they weren’t close to meeting the Rangers’ extravagant offer of $325 million over 10 years, according to people with knowledge of the situation," Castillo said, per Dodgers Nation. “When they have a fire sale when this doesn’t work out, maybe Seager will come back in 3 years," he added.

Seager Is Excited To Join The Rangers

Seager didn't look too worried or pressured to sign with the Rangers. If anything, he talked about how excited he was about joining the team and teaming up with Marcus Semien:

“How can you not be excited about that?” Seager told “Not only the elite player, but he’s an elite person who carries himself well. He's a great teammate. There's not a bad word that you can say about Marcus. To be able to learn from somebody who's that talented and to take little things that he does in this game that I might not and be able to bounce off each other and to be up the middle here for a long time, it’s all very exciting.”

Rangers Aren't Done Spending

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Moreover, the Rangers aren't done signing checks just yet. They want to put that losing season in the past and start contending right away:

“Now's the time to buy stock in the Rangers,” general manager Chris Young said at November's GM Meetings, as quoted by Fan Nation. “That's how I feel. And that's as a player, that's what you want to hear. You see the good things that are happening. And I think to get in early and be part of that makes it even more special.”

Hopefully, the Rangers will put together a sustainable project and won't panic-sell their stars two years from now.