MLB Rumors: Clayton Kershaw's Wife And Corey Seager Could Lure Him To The Rangers

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For years, Clayton Kershaw has been one of the most prominent figures around Major League Baseball.

Kershaw was an instrumental part of the Los Angeles Dodgers' success and has put together a Hall of Famer résumé, winning one MVP and 3 Cy Young awards while leading the National League in wins three times, three times in strikeouts, and five times in ERA.

However, the team didn't offer the 33-year-old a Qualifying Offer, making him an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career.

Corey Seager Is Recruiting Clayton Kershaw

That's why it's not surprising to see one of his former teammates try and convince him of switching sides.

In a recent interview, Corey Seager admitted that he's reached out to him to try and get him to go back to his home state and sign with the Texas Rangers.

"Have you reached out to Clayton Kershaw and said 'Hey buddy, it's time to come home'?" the reporter asked.

"I've had some talks with Kersh for sure," the 2020 World Series MVP replied.


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Kershaw's Wife And Roots: A Reason To Come Back Home

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Kershaw has been a lifelong target of the Rangers. The Dallas native lives there with his wife and children during the offseason.

Moreover, they just welcomed their fourth kid to the world, with Dodger Blue speculating that it could impact his decision to come back home:

"The couple is presumed to be back in their native Texas, and having a home in Dallas has fueled speculation the longtime Los Angeles Dodgers ace may leave to sign with the Texas Rangers in free agency," read the report.

Kershaw's Injury Won't Keep Him Away From Spring Training

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Kershaw wasn't able to finish last season on the mound after suffering a left flexor tendon injury.

Nonetheless, the southpaw ace is fully expected to be ready for the start of next season, according to Dodgers insider Jorge Castillo:

"Clayton Kershaw said he was given a PRP injection in his left flexor tendon recently. He said that will be the only treatment he should need and won’t undergo surgery. He said he expects to be ready for spring training," Castillo tweeted.

The Rangers Are For Real

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The Rangers want to put that 102-loss season on the rearview mirror right away and are pretty bullish about the team's immediate future:

“Now's the time to buy stock in the Rangers,” general manager Chris Young said at November's GM Meetings, per Fan Nation. “That's how I feel. And that's as a player, that's what you want to hear. You see the good things that are happening. And I think to get in early and be part of that makes it even more special.”

It's still way too early to tell but they've definitely gotten off to a great start.