Kaia Gerber Arches Back In Stretchy Mesh Underwear

Kaia Gerber
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Rebecca Cukier

Kaia Gerber caught mega likes while arching her back in stretchy and black Calvin Klein underwear earlier this year. The 20-year-old model and daughter to Cindy Crawford has been making headlines for upping her brand profile - alongside fronting Marc Jacobs' Daisy fragrance, the Celine face is also repping American fashion giant Calvin Klein.

Kaia updated her Instagram back in March while stripped down to sporty undies for CK, with a #mycalvins seeing her join other CK faces including Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner.

In My Calvins

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Scroll for the photos. Kaia snagged over 450,000 likes for a series of three photos. All showed the ex to Pete Davidson posing in apparel from Calvin Klein - the opening shot showed Kaia arching her back and flaunting her super-toned frame while against a neutral accent wall. Here, the brunette wore a black bralette with matching briefs, with a little sheer meshing on the lowers upping the ante.

Fans saw Kaia's flat stomach and peachy rear, with the star also highlighting her miniature shoulder tattoo.

See The Photos Below

Kaia, whose pandemic headlines have also included her brief pink hair stint and launching a popular Instagram book club, reappeared in a white triangle bralette and cream jeans with a swipe right - here, the willowy-limbed beauty posed with both arms above her head and a messy-haired finish. The final photo showed Kaia topless, hugging her knees, and wearing only pants.

"#MYCALVINS," Kaia wrote in her caption, also tagging Calvin Klein and her photographer. Swipe below for all three photos, scroll for more.

A 'Normal' Pandemic

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While street outings from Kaia have increased as lock-down eases - the star recently split from boyfriend Jacob Elordi - some aspects of her life have been very non-supermodel over COVID.

"I think I’m in the same boat as everyone— I’m living in sweatpants and workout clothes," she told Elle. "I think we all feel very connected because we’re all going through this together. The world feels less pressure to get dressed in the morning, which I think is a good thing. Being able to feel confident in sweatpants is one of the greatest gifts."

Kicked Off Instagram Book CLub

Joining the likes of book club hosts Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey, Kaia upped her BC game last year. She continued:

"I think everyone should have a book club. That’s why we’re doing Slave Play this month because it ties back into culture. There are so many things happening in the world right now and for me to focus on these issues and to be able to discuss them in-depth [through literature] is a nice break."

For more from Kaia, check out her Instagram.