Chanel West Coast Shares BTS Secrets of 'Ridiculousness'

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Lindsay Cronin

Chanel West Coast has been co-hosting MTV's Ridiculousness alongside Rob Dyrdek and Sterling "Steelo" Brim for over a decade. But, as the 33-year-old reality star recently revealed to In Touch Weekly magazine, there is plenty that fans don't know about the long-running series.

“I think [the fans would] be shocked to know how fast I change in between episodes and how fast we filmed them. We filmed six episodes in a day,” Chanel revealed to the outlet on Monday, November 29.

On Sometimes Looking Tired

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“Like, if you ever see me looking a little extra tired, it’s probably either the last episode of the day where I was just like, ‘Forget the touch-up, let’s get out of here.’ Or it’s the first episode of the day where I was still really tired,” she continued.

According to Chanel, she has deep roots with the set of Ridiculousness because the venue is where she shot her very first music video.

“I’ve been telling this story a lot. So, where we filmed [my first] music video, that’s where I film Ridiculousness now,” she shared.

Sentimental 'Ridiculous' Studio

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“[It’s] very full circle. It gives me chills talking about it too. It’s very weird, but there’s something about the studio,” she explained.

As fans of Chanel West Coast may know, she began appearing on Ridiculous back in 2011. And, in the years since, she's experienced a number of major moments at this particular Los Angeles studio.

“I actually met my one backup dancer, who’s one of my best friends now, she’s been my backup dancer since my very first live show. I also met her at that studio,” she recalled.

Working With Drake

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“There’s, like, this weird divine thing about this studio. Like, my first job was there. I met my backup dancers, one of my best friends until this day at the studio. Then I ended up filming Ridiculousness there,” she added, joking that she often feels as if the studio is "pulling" her in.

Also during the interview, Chanel West Coast, who is also a rapper, said that she would love to collaborate with a couple of popular artists of today.

"Even though I haven’t put out a song with Lil Wayne yet, I have worked with Lil Wayne already. [I’ve] been in the studio with him. I got to experience that, but I’ve never been in the studio with Drake. I love Drake,” she revealed.

She'd 'Mesh' With Post Malone

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“I just feel like we would make a hit together. He has to get the Google alerts by now because of how many interviews I’ve said it in. So, I’m going to say it again,” she went on.

Chanel West Coast would also like to team up with Post Malone.

“I feel like the new music that I’m making on my next album is very in Post Malone. The direction [is like] female Post Malone. So, I feel like we would like really mesh,” she explained.