Michigan School Shooting: Suspect Identified As Ethan Crumbley


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A student opened fire inside Michigan's Oxford High School on Tuesday, shooting eleven people.

Three students who were killed in the shooting were identified that same day as 17-year-old Madisyn Baldwin, 6-year-old Tate Myre, and 14-year-old Hana St. Juliana.

A fourth student, 17-year-old Justin Shilling, succumbed to his injuries on Wednesday.

Seven other students were hospitalized. Some of them remain in critical condition, including one 14-year-old girl who had to be placed on a ventilator.

Authorities identified the suspect on Wednesday. Read more below.

Ethan Crumbley

The suspect has been identified as 15-year-old sophomore Ethan Crumbley, according to The New York Post.

It remains unclear what Crumbley's motive was, but some allege that the teen was bullied by his schoolmates.

According to his social media accounts, which have since been deleted, Crumbley threatened to shoot up his school before actually doing so.

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of world’. See you tomorrow, Oxford," Crumbley allegedly wrote on his Instagram account.

Investigators are now doing a "deep dive" on his other social media accounts.

'Absolutely Premediated'

Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald said Wednesday that Crumbley has been charged as an adult because there is evidence he planned the attack "well in advance," as reported by Newsweek.

"There are facts leading up to this shooting that suggests this was not just an impulsive act," McDonald said, stressing that charging the teen as an adult is "necessary to achieve justice and protect the public; any other option would put all of us at risk of this person because they could be released and still a threat."

"It wasn't even a close call, it was absolutely premeditated," she said.

Crumbley's Parents

Crumbley has been hit with murder, terrorism, assault and weapons possession charges, and he will allegedly be tried as an adult.

Crumbley used a 9mm Sig Sauer in the shooting. The gun belonged to his father James, who allegedly purchased it four days earlier on Black Friday.

James and the teen's mother, Jennifer, allegedly advised their son not to speak to authorities following his arrest -- since he is underage, authorities need permission to speak with him.

Police raided the family's home after the shooting, and reportedly seized several guns.


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Figures across the political spectrum, including President Joe Biden, expressed condolences to students' families.

"My heart goes out to the families that are enduring the unimaginable grief of losing a loved one. You’ve got to know that whole community has to be in a state of shock right now," Biden said, as reported by the Detroit Free Press.

"My heart breaks for the students, teachers, staff, and families of Oxford High School," Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said in a statement, vowing to tackle gun violence.

"As Michiganders, we have a responsibility to do everything we can to protect each other from gun violence," she said.