Emily Ratajkowski Struts Streets Pantless In Barbie Pink Jacket

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Rebecca Cukier

Emily Ratajkowski was all legs, no pants while on NYC streets earlier this month, and it was caught on camera. The 30-year-old supermodel, who continues to promote her new My Body book amid managing her Inamorata swim and clothing line, was photographed in the Big Apple towards the start of November, and it was a leggy and bright affair as the star went for a blazer-only look in hot pink.

Emily was looking glam and trendy, and her ensemble even came with high-heeled boots. Check it out below.

Losing The Pants

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Scroll for the photos. EmRata, who has been covering up more as she discusses serious issues via My Body, was back to leggy, here. The London-born star was snapped exiting her vehicle and smiling as she wore a pink and oversized Valentino blazer, one she paired with a plain black top and thick matching tights.

Knee boots in black leather, meanwhile shouted out fall, with Emily also seen in statement dark shades as she clutched her phone and rocked a pink lip. Scroll for more.

Making Waves With New Book

Emily discusses being sexualized in her book - the model made headlines earlier this year for claims that artist Robin Thicke assaulted her during their joint time on the set of music video "Blurred Lines."

My Body also sees Ratajkowski praised precisely for having something other than her body selling her name. The Inamorata founder was shouted out with major accolades by Vanity Fair recently as she shared the magazine's take on her newfound identity as an author. More below.

Vanity Fair Makes A Point

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Quoting the magazine, Emily took to Instagram this month, writing:

"Emily Ratajkowski’s body has sold burgers. It’s sold perfume that smells of the ylang-ylang tree with notes of sandalwood and ambrette seed. It’s sold a range of hair products and at least one ‘innovative lifestyle beauty brand.’ It’s sold a few lines of intimates and untold numbers of swimsuits." The quote continued: " It’s sold inexpensive clothes and mid-range clothes and luxury clothes." The mom of one is not, however, selling bikinis with this work.

Making Her Mark

Vanity Fair added: "It’s sold pants when it wasn’t even trying to, when it was just walking down the street. The thing that her body will not be selling, though, is her book. She’ll sell My Body with her name.”

Elsewhere, Ratajkowski continues to be a talking point for her motherhood, this year welcoming son Sylvester with 2018-married producer husband Sebastian Bear Mc-Clard. She's also been updating her Instagram with her adorable baby boy, now seemingly able to manage the stairs.