Hailey Bieber Shares The Secret To Maintaining A Balance In Her Life

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As one of the highest-paid models in the US, Hailey Bieber is undoubtedly a busy woman. Fans (and us) got curious as to how the stunning model keeps it all together. Hailey found that question quite interesting, so she decided to share her secret.

Earlier this year, Hailey leaped and joined the YouTube vlogging community. She told Yvonne Orji on the Ellen show that she opened the channel to take charge of her narrative. So, in one of her Q&A sessions, she opened up about maintaining a balance between her work and personal life.

Hailey Bieber On Prioritizing Your Spouse

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PRIORITIZE! That's the secret to Hailey Bieber's perfect life. She told her 1.4million subscribers, "You have to know what your priorities are, and I think the second that you let your work life become more important than your spouse or your family life, that's when it can be a little consuming, and that's when like people get let down and they get disappointed." Phew! Word to the wise, I can't disagree with that.

25 And Rocking It!

The model received heartwarming gifts as she celebrated her 25th birthday on Nov. 23. Husband Justin Bieber shared a super sweet message on his Instagram page. There's no doubt prioritizing is paying off for the beauty – pay attention, people! Hailey is rocking it in her career, too, as she announced herself as the newest Victoria Secret Angel on Nov. 9. She's also on other top campaigns like Jimmy Choo, Levi's, and Tiffany & Co.

Bathroom Shenanigans On YouTube

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Honestly, Hailey Bieber's YouTube segment "Who's in my Bathroom?" is a trip. She has a guest over, and they do the craziest things in her bathroom, from eating giant sandwiches to opening beer bottles with her tooth.

That bathroom is as big as a walk-in closet, so there's ample space to move around. However, it's not purely jokes and fun on Hailey's channel - sometimes, she lets us in on her intimate thoughts. A while back, she had Yvonne Orji over, and they spoke about relationships and faith.

All Work And More Play

In her most recent YouTube video, Hailey Bieber answers some fun questions from fans. Here's a taste of the tea the model spilled. We know her favorite food is Japanese cuisine.

She'd rather be a Vampire than a Werewolf, and her favorite (Pink) Red Carpet look is from 2019. She wore a pale pink Alexander Wang figure-hugging dress with a thong, which made her feel sexy and confident. Hailey hinted her skincare line "RHODE" is coming in 2022. For a sneak peek into the real Hailey Bieber, binge her YouTube videos.