HoYeon Jung And Cast Reveals The Toughest Games Shot For 'Squid Game'

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Squid Game has become a hit in the months since its September premiere on Netflix and after an announcement securing the series' return for season two, fans are waiting on the edge of their seats for new episodes.

Although a premiere date for the new season has not yet been set, the cast, including HoYeon Jung and Park Hae Soo have remained active on their social media accounts, and recently addressed the production of the often violent series about Korean kids and their deadly games.

Super Emotional Game Was The Hardest Scene

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According to a report shared by Times of India, Jung, who plays Kang Sae-byeok, and Hae Soo, who portrays Cho Sang-Woo, recently opened up about the part of filming Squid Game that they feel is the toughest, or most challenging.

As the outlet explained, "marbles" was the most difficult challenge for Jung to film because there were so many emotions involved in the game. And, when it came to Hae Soo, he revealed that his favorite game of all was the "Tug of War" challenge.


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The 'Squid Game' Cast Can Laugh at Themselves

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Jung also revealed that when it came time to film certain scenes, especially the ones involving a lot of different emotions, she and her co-stars would often laugh at themselves and their "ugly" expressions.

Still, despite their odd faces, Jung said that she and her cast mates did a great job with the scenes and ultimately, they looked great.

As for the "Tug of War" challenge, that was obviously more of a physical challenge. However, as it was noted in the report, it was the strategy of Il-Nam that led their team to win the game.

Toughest Scenes of 'Squid Game'

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During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lee Jung-Jae was asked which of his scenes of Squid Game were hardest to film.

"That would have to be the final scene [of the games], because of many reasons. But out of the games, I would have to pick Dalgona or Honeycomb because I had to express with very minimal movement. I couldn't exaggerate my movement while I had to express the escalation of the tension with the passing of time. That was really tricky," he revealed.

Scenes Need to Look Authentic

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"Also in the earlier part of the show, up to the point where he goes into the arena, there are scenes that indirectly show what kind of a person Gi-hun is and why he's so desperate to attempt to join the games, and those scenes have to be very realistic and convincing and also very interesting, because we all know that once the games begin, it's super-fun and immersive, but up until that point the scenes are mostly an introduction of Gi-hun's character, so I have to make sure that the viewers are not bored until the games begin. Trying to act with these thoughts in mind, that was kind of tricky as well," Jung-Jae added.