NFL Rumors: Stats Prove Jalen Hurts Is The Future Of The Eagles

Ernesto Cova

Jalen Hurts knows that it's do-or-die time for him right now.

The Philadelphia Eagles were reportedly doubting whether he could be a star in the NFL and if he was good enough to be their quarterback for the future.

That's when he took his game up a notch, putting together a couple of impressive outings to try and put an end to those doubts once and for all.

And if the Eagles were to make their decision based solely on his latest performance, there's no doubt that he'd get the nod.

Hurts Has Better Stats Than Lamar Jackson

Hurts picked the New Orleans Saints' defense apart, totaling 216 yards (147 pass, 69 rush) and rushing for 3 touchdowns.

The Eagles beat the Saints 40-29 to win back-to-back games for the first time all season:

Also, with those numbers, Hurts has officially passed former MVP Lamar Jackson in the first 15 games of his career, per Paul Hembo of ESPN:

"First 15 career starts:

Lamar Jackson 4,120 yards total offense 26 touchdowns 12 turnovers 213 first downs

Jalen Hurts 4,115 yards total offense 29 touchdowns 11 turnovers 209 first downs," Hembo tweeted.


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Coach Sirianni Says Hurts Forces Defenses To Adjust

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Hurts is starting to turn a lot of heads with his dynamic play and ability to break tackles with his feet.

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni lauded his game and explained how much of an impact he makes and all the little things that don't often reflect on the stat sheet:

“Jalen is a special player who forces defenses to play different,” Sirianni said, as quoted by Sacbee. “You look at their stats but you also want to do what you do well.”

Hurts Is Already A Leader In The Locker Room

Hurts has the intangibles to become a successful player in the league.

Even Peyton Manning lauded his character and his post-game speech in the locker room shows how much of a leader he is already:

“We always knew what type of team we could be, man," Hurts said, per Bleeding Green Nation. _"Coach said it best just now. Our identity. Not running that [expletive], stopping the pass, not doing none of this. It’s being nasty. Going out there and playing physical. Controlling everything, everything we do. We gotta understand that, we gotta know that [expletive] moving forward. It takes the right preparation, it takes the right detail, everything we’ve been talking about. Everything we’ve been talking about."

"So, stick to the script. Attack every day. Keep your mind right. Take care of yourself off the field. And now we got something special in here brewing now. We got something special," the young QB added.

The Eagles Are Playoff-Bound

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The Eagles now have the easiest remaining schedule in the NFC and are in full control of their destiny to make the playoffs.

They have the Giants on deck before staying in New York to meet the Jets. Then, they'll head to the Bye Week before meeting the Washington Football Team twice, the Giants again, and close out the season at home vs. the Cowboys.

They're just half a game away from a Wild Card spot, so Hurts better bring his A-Game until the end of the season if he wants to put an end to the narratives around him once and for all.