Olivia Wilde & Harry Styles' Zodiac Signs: Are They Compatible?

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles kicked off the year in January as Hollywood's hottest new couple, publicly appearing together for the first time at the One Direction alum's manager’s California wedding.

The pair have grabbed headlines with every public outing ever since, with paparazzi photos of them kissing on a yacht during a romantic Italian getaway this July sending fans swooning.

While some didn't give them much of a chance based on their zodiac signs, the 37-year-old actress and director and the 27-year-old pop star are still going strong nearly one year in. Here's what astrology says about their romantic compatibility.

She's A Pisces

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Born on March 10, 1984, Olivia is a Pisces -- one of the most creative signs of the entire zodiac. As a water sign, she's sensitive, emotional, and intuitive, pouring her heart into every project and deeply caring about other people's feelings.

Olivia's moon is in Gemini Moon, which represents duality, celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly told People in late October.

While her and Harry's zodiac signs may not be the best match in the world, their full astrological charts show otherwise, said Kelly, with intuitive astrologer Rachel Lang also pointing to a deep connection between them that's rooted in friendship.

After all, the Booksmart director -- who was previously engaged to Jason Sudeikis and shares two children with the SNL comic, 7-year-old son Otis and 4-year-old daughter Daisy -- first began her romance with the English musician after the two bonded as close friends on the set of her film, Don’t Worry Darling.

He's An Aquarius

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Born on February 1, 1994, Harry is an Aquarius with a Libra Moon and Libra Rising. This air sign is one of the most eccentric on the zodiac wheel, with Aquarians being "cerebral, intellectual, and revolutionary," per Kelly.

Aquarians are also known for marching to the beat of their own drum, something which is particularly true about the "Watermelon Sugar" hitmaker considering his gender-fluid fashion and surprising career turns.

"Harry is an air sign king. He's all about breaking the rules," said Kelly, noting that the British singer had "one of the airiest charts I've ever seen."

Deep Spiritual Connection

Although water and air typically don't mix well, Olivia and Harry's zodiac chart show the couple has a lot in common. In fact, according to Lang's interpretation of their astrological charts, they share a “spiritual connection that can feel out of this world.”

Kelly agrees: "At face value, Harry — an Aquarius — and Olivia — a Pisces — might not have the best compatibility. But when you bring in the moons, you bring in Venus and you start to look at how the charts interact —not just in parts, but holistically — you see that the compatibility is actually really strong between these two."

Emotionally Compatible

Olivia and Harry's strong emotional compatibility is due to their shared Venus sign, with the planet of love and flirtation being in Aquarius for both of them. According to Lang, this means they express affection similarly.

"It also shows that they can build a social life together, and that friendships will be a point of compatibility for them," she explained.

Likewise, both their moons are in air signs, indicating their emotions gel really well. On top of that, Olivia’s Saturn -- the planet of stability and structure -- is perfectly aligned with Harry’s Jupiter, which shows they manifest their dreams together and support each other unconditionally, detailed Lang.

"This is a couple who enjoys talking and never lacks for conversation," she said. "They feel right at home with one another, and given that they moved in together on Valentine’s Day, it’s going to be a romantic, loving home."