Pete Davidson & Kim Kardashian's Zodiac Signs: Are They Compatible?

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Now that Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are officially a couple, many fans are curious to know what the zodiac signs say about their budding relationship.

Born on November 16, the 28-year-old SNL star is "an elusive and passionate Scorpio," Kirah Tabourn, co-founder and head astrologer for CUSP Astrology, tells Bustle. A fixed water sign, Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, which symbolizes rebirth and transformation.

Meanwhile, the SKIMS owner, whose birth date is October 21, 1980, is "a sociable and diplomatic Libra," says Tabour. Known as the "socialite of the zodiac," this air sign is governed by Venus, the planet of beauty and love.

Scroll for their astrological compatibility and to find out if they're a better match than Davidson was with some of his famous exes, including Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale.

Kim Kardashian Zodiac Compatibility

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According to Tabourn, Davidson and Kardashian have clashing sun and moon signs (her moon sign is in "sensitive daydreamer Pisces," whereas his is in "pragmatic and no-nonsense Capricorn). This points to a "challenging" emotional compatibility, with the pair needing open communication and clear boundaries since they process feelings differently.

“Kim has a lot of mutable placements, including her Pisces moon, which implies she needs to always be on the go, constantly adapting and shifting and moving through the world," explained Tabourn, adding: "She would be someone who rejects too much stability, for it would probably feel suffocating to her.”

However, even though Scorpios and Libras aren't "typically the perfect match," they can absolutely make it work and help balance each other out. As for Davidson and Kardashian, they do have one astrological element in common: their shared Mars sign, indicating a deep connection and strong sexual compatibility.

With all signs pointing to a hot-and-heavy romance between the celebrity couple, Elite Daily also adds that there's little chance these two will keep it casual. Odds are the pair will share more than just fire intimacy, and get "emotionally invested" in the relationship, says the media outlet.

Kate Beckinsale Zodiac Compatibility

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While Davidson and Beckinsale, 48, have been over for two years -- they dated for four months between January and April 2019 -- the duo snagged many headlines with their PDA-filled public appearances back when they were still an item.

Although the SNL comic and the British actress have since parted ways, they were once a very passionate couple, with Elite Daily reporting in March 2019 that they had a "fire connection." Their astrological compatibility said pretty much the same, with Beckinsale's Leo zodiac sign mashing with Davidson's raw Scorpion sexual energy.

It seems that from this particular standpoint, The King of Staten Island actor was just as very well matched with The Window star as he is with the KUWTK alumn. However, their pairing differed from an emotional standpoint, as Leos and Scorpios are not meant to last but make for a "perfect rebound."

Their connection is defined by "massive potential for healing love-related wounds and unparalleled common ground for understanding each other’s expression of love and past hurt," noted astrologer Stephanie Campos-Powell back when Davidson and Beckinsale were still dating.

Ariana Grande Zodiac Compatibility

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Davidson and Grande, 28, are now ancient history but they were once the most talked-about couple out there. The pair sent fans into a meltdown when they announced their engagement in June 2018 after just one month of dating.

According to their zodiac signs, they're the perfect match -- born on June 26, Ariana is also a water sign (Cancer) -- which is why everyone was shocked when the two called it quits four months later.

"A lot of people say that Cancer/Scorpio compatibility can be the strongest in the zodiac, and I’m inclined to agree," astrologer Jake Register told Cosmopolitan.

He explained: "Scorpio feels the understanding and empathy from Cancer, and Cancer is able to connect with Scorpio on an incredibly intimate level that isn’t easily achieved with other signs."

In other words, Scorpio and Cancer are meant to be, although in this particular case it didn't last and they both moved on with other people. Davidson went on to date Beckinsakle, while Grande is now a married woman.

Kaley Cuoco Zodiac Compatibility

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While this was pure speculation, Davidson and The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco, 35, sparked dating rumors not long ago, right before the stand-up comedian was romantically linked to his current lady.

A Sagittarius, Cuoco would have been a great match for the Staten Island native, had the two "close" friends, who are now working on Meet Cute together, ever wanted to pursue a love affair with each other. Based on their zodiac signs, they're 80 percent compatible emotionally and intellectually and have a 25 percent sexual compatibility, as well as a 35 percent one personality-wise.

It's safe to say they would have made each other happy had they given romance a try, although one can't help noticing that Davidson seems better suited with Kardashian in at least one aspect.